Hearing the stories of those you care for

You can hear the people you care for recall their spectacular pasts with passion and emotion, sometimes tales of romance, sometimes travel and always an adventure to listen to!



The amazing feeling of fulfillment

Being involved with so many aspects of the patient’s life, working with the elderly becomes incredibly rewarding, Many times, you’re the first person they see when they wake and the last they see before going to sleep which builds a very strong between you and patients.



Developing strong connections and memories

Seeing all your patients constantly often builds strong connections with them and even for you. Some aged care workers feel like they are gaining family members when they work because of how much they care for them.



Aged care workers are in high demand

A report released by Griffith University in mid-2015 found that aged care workers were to become the most in-demand health care sector workers in Australia. Fast forward to 2018 and it couldn’t be truer!



You can be ready to work in 9 months!


With MCIE’s CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing, Home, and Community) you can get equipped with the crucial skills you need to work effectively in industry, in only 9 months!

To find out more about our course, head to this link or call us on 1300 737 004 to discuss your future!

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