Here at MCIE, we understand that choosing the right training course can be an overwhelming decision, and our goal is always to help people fulfil their career dreams, but there are some tricks to succeeding. For example if you’re thinking about becoming a cook or a chef, did you know there are some personality traits that help to ensure your success? Here are five personality traits that could help your hospitality cookery career.


  1. Organisation Matters in the Kitchen

Whether it’s planning the menu on offer, ordering the ingredients you’ll need for the menu, managing the food prep for the service ahead, pre-heating ovens, putting up entrées, mains and desserts at different times for different tables; kitchen staff in the hospitality industry need to be great organisers. If you love to stay on top of things, then you’ll find juggling the demands of a culinary career easier to handle.


  1. Great Cooking is inspired by Creativity

When thinking of creative careers, cooking isn’t at the top of most people’s lists, and yet to be a great chef or cook, creativity is key. Not only does being creative help you to prepare great food that people will be impressed by, it also helps you to stay inspired in the kitchen. Forget cooking the same meals over and over again, bringing some fun and inspiration to ordinary ingredients is part of the fun of cookery as a career.


  1. Having a Strong Desire to Please

A great chef ultimately wants to please people through food. In order to establish a great career in the kitchen, having a desire to please and impress your customers will get you a long way. Cooking is a caring career; where delighting a person through taste is the main goal, and is where the true fulfilment can be found. If you love to make people happy by bringing their taste buds to life, then you’re on the right track to becoming a chef.


  1. Great Cooks have Great Stamina

Hours in the kitchen can be long, stressful and messy. While passion and a desire for success are important, one of the key traits of great hospitality kitchen staff is stamina. There will be times of overwhelm, disaster and times of great accomplishment; the real key is pushing through the hard times to deliver the best food possible, even in the face of difficulty and long, tiring hours. Go on, you can do it; the satisfaction of a job well done will always win the day.


  1. Team Players Belong in the Kitchen

If you’re hoping for a long and successful career in a commercial kitchen, then loving teamwork is an essential ingredient to your success. From the head chef, right through to the wait staff, everyone plays an important role in helping a kitchen operate efficiently and ensuring great food service. If you love being part of a finely tuned team and aiming for efficiency, then you’re right on goal for a successful hospitality career.

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