Work/life balance is a challenge most people struggle to master. If you are lucky enough to find a career that provides personal satisfaction, you are halfway there. However, you still need to ensure you take time out to enjoy life as well. A career in aged care is both rewarding and satisfying. Moreover though, it is one of the few careers that make it possible to obtain the goal of work/life balance.


Flexible Options

Qualified aged care workers can choose from a wide range of varied roles in the industry. Options range from working as a residential care worker alongside other carers in a clinic or facility – to taking on the solo task of caring for an older individual in their home. A quick search online reveals that many Aged Care organisations are seeking applicants to fill roles right now—and in your area!


Flexible Hours

A career in aged care provides freedom of flexible hours. Since banks and many other services open during regular working hours, having the freedom to change work hours is more than ideal. Some aged care jobs do stick to the regular 9am-5pm hours. However, there are roles that offer more flexibility. Work can even be based on permanent or part-time hours, as well as contract. Giving you the power to negotiate when you work.


Flexible Rosters

Rosters can vary from days, to evenings, nights and weekends. This makes it the perfect option for parents who want to maximise on the time spent with their children. If you are a night owl who prefers to sleep during the day, then overnight work might suit you better. Flexible days are also great if you have a second job. Or, if you just want to work the weekends and take a couple of days off during the week. You can even work a combination of daytime, evening, and weekend rosters.


Finding a healthy balance between work and personal life can be hard. However, a flexible career in aged care should help you find that all important work/life balance.

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