Author: Nitin Srivastava


Helpful AUSTRADE Resources for Education Sector

Thanks to Austrade, we have links to several useful resources designed to help training providers, international students, and everyone else working in the education industry. These links are invaluable for keeping track of the latest happenings.   To stay updated on COVID-19 The Australian Government’s app on COVID-19 is a really good resource and is [...]

Online Learning: 10 Tips For Studying From Home

If you are new to the idea of virtual classes and are experiencing some difficulties adjusting to it, you are not alone! We have put together some easy tips to help guide you through studying from home.   First things first. Prepare yourself for being productive.   Studying from home doesn’t mean you can’t have [...]

Where can a career in early childhood education take you?

Early childhood care and education is one of the fastest growing industries in Victoria. Find out from our expert in the field what it takes to become a professional childcare educator as she takes us through the rewards and challenges of working with children.   Maryann James is the MCIE Head of Department for Early [...]