If you’re thinking about studying abroad, but you’re not sure which country or what field to study, why not consider Australia? With world-class food and wine industries, the hospitality industry in Australia is seeking out newly qualified workers every day, and in this competitive and highly multicultural environment, international students might have an advantage!

Why Australia?

Why Hospitality?

Hospitality workers are in high demand! Australian restaurants are even using robots to keep up with the need while they are short-staffed. Qualified and capable new workers in this field are highly desirable to employers, and salaries are competitive as a result. Since many communities are so multicultural, knowing a language other than English also makes you more desirable than candidates who don’t.

The hospitality industry is also highly dynamic and exciting. It’s perfect for people who love an active workplace and are great at adapting to new challenges. If you’re a creative problem-solver and love meeting new people every day, a career in hospitality would be a great fit for you. There is also high career mobility in this industry, so even if you start as a waiter or a barista, you can work your way up to manager and even owner fairly quickly.

As an international student, you can also get experience in your field while studying. Hospitality workers have flexible hours, so you can work around your study periods and lectures. There are also new pathways to visas for hospitality workers that can get you closer to permanent residency. And with the skills you develop in the workplace, such as teamwork, self-management, communication, and customer service, you’ll be in high demand anywhere in the world!

If you would like more information on what studying Hospitality in Australia involves, please don’t hesitate to visit our website or email us at info@mcie.edu.au. The courses at MCIE are designed to give you the skills that employers look for, and include work placements to give you real, on the job experience.


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