Care sector will see almost 40% of all the projected new job opportunities in the emerging professions by 2023: World Economic Forum report

Employment for personal care workers will increase by 80,600 by 2023. According to a report on the jobs of tomorrow by the World Economic Forum, nearly 40% of all the projected job opportunities in the emerging professions will be in the care sector. The care sector, which is on the rise faster than the others, includes professions such as childcare, eldercare, nursing, therapy, and personal trainers. The rise is markedly attributed to ageing populations in several countries, as well as changing demographics, and cultural shifts which has created more demand for care services.

Twenty years of population change statistics from 1999 to 2019 (according to the Australian Demographic Statistics by Australian Bureau of Statistics- June 2019), show that Australia’s population is also ageing. According to the data, the proportion of people aged 65 years and older has increased from 12.3% to 15.9% over the past 20 years. In the same period, the number of people aged 85 years and over increased by 117.1% , compared with a total population growth of 34.8% over the same period.

With the increase in ageing Australians, it is predicted that the demand for aged care workers will increase. According to March 2019 figures by, it is projected that the employment for personal care workers will increase by 80,600 by 2023.

Further, the final report by the Aged Care Royal Commission has also highlighted some key pain points in the aged care sector and the need to reform them. The commission has put forward 148 recommendations which point towards the enormity of the reforms that would be needed to provide a higher level of care to Australia’s diverse and ageing population. According to projections, the number of people in the age bracket of 85 years and above will rise to 3.7% of Australia’s population in 2058 from 2% of the population in 2018-19. The estimates also indicate that the number of care workers need to triple by 2050 to meet the rise in demand in the future.

A special emphasis has also been placed on enhancing the skills, qualifications, and supply of aged care workers to meet the future demand. Thus, skilled and qualified care workers would be essential to help meet the rising demand.

How can you get involved?

MCIE’s courses are specifically designed to help you acquire the training and skill sets required to gain employment within the sector. Tailored for jobs in residential aged care facilities, community care, and nursing homes, these courses will prepare you with the skills, knowledge, and competencies to provide a personalised care and support to the elderly people who may require ongoing assistance and care within an aged care environment.

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