HLTSS00066 − Infection Control Skill Set (Food Handling)

COVID-19 has impacted infection control standards in a range of job roles across the economy. This short course is for up-skilling individuals who require the skills to decrease the risk and transmission of infection whilst carrying out their daily duties. This course provides the skill sets to support relevant workers to respond to the infection risks posed by the COVID-19 pandemic: Retail, Food Handling, and Transport and Logistics.

6hrs & 2hrs practical
This course is eligible for the Victorian Training Guarantee (VTG)

Infection Control training for those in food handling

COVID-19 has impacted infection control standards in a range of job roles across the economy.

This short course is for up-skilling individuals who require the skills and knowledge to decrease the risk of transmitting an infectious disease whilst carrying out food handling/customer service duties.


Who is this course for?

The Infection Control (Food Handling) Skill Set is for those working in customer facing food handling jobs.


Qualification details

  • National Code: HLTSS00066
  • Participation: 6hrs + 2hrs of practical assessment
  • Duration: Varies according to the participant and assessment location 2 to 8 days
  • Delivery Mode: Online – self-paced, practical assessment by Zoom, Teams or video 
  • Government Funded Place Fee: $0 – participant must be working, and not have already have completed a funded infection control course
  • Fee for Service Fee: $400 – if not eligible for a funded place


What you will learn

  • Hand hygiene and care of hands
  • Use of personal protective equipment
  • Handling of waste
  • Enforcing clean and contaminated zones
  • Limitation of contamination
  • Surface cleaning for infection control
  • Identify infection hazards and assess risks
  • Best practice virus and bacteria infection and control
  • Where to find reliable and trustworthy information
  • Minimising infection within a food handling work environment


Subject Information

The HLTSS00066 Infection Control Skill Set (Food Handling) comprises of the HLTINFCOV001 Comply with infection prevention and control policies and procedures unit of competence and includes additional information specifically relevant to industries which include food handling in a customer service setting.

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to follow organisational infection prevention and control procedures, including implementing standard and transmission-based precautions and responding to infection risks. This unit applies to individuals working in food service contexts. The skills in this unit must be applied in accordance with Commonwealth and State/Territory legislation, Australian/New Zealand standards and industry codes of practice.



6 hours to complete this course, plus an additional 2 hours to complete the practical assessment. You will need access to a food service workplace to complete some assessment tasks. The course duration may be impacted by your hours of work and your access to the workplace for assessment. Your employer must approve some assessment of your practical skills to be conducted within your workplace (via Zoom, TEAMS or other online meeting environment or video recording).



It will take one to two working days for your assessments to be graded and a certificate to be issued.



Government Funded* Full Fee
$0 $400

*Eligibility conditions for a Federal Government Funded place – this funding may be accessed by anyone (including international students) who is working in a relevant environment and who has not already been funded to participate in infection control training.

Additional information
This short course is offered fully online. You will require a computer and adequate internet access to successfully complete the course. To complete the assessment, you will require a mobile device or tablet with video function. Assessment of your practical skills will be completed in realtime Face to Face sessions via an online meeting software or you may submit a video recording of yourself as you complete the assessment tasks.

Food Handling

HLTSS00066 Infection Control (Food Handling) Skill Set is for those with existing qualifications or be delivered as a stand-alone course for those currently in the workforce without a qualification.


Suggested workplaces include:

Large Business through to sole traders (1 employee to 1000’s)

  • Large and small businesses
  • Rural, regional and metropolitan areas
  • Restaurants
  • Cafes and casual dining
  • Fast food outlets
  • Catering operations including in-flight catering and pre-packaged food
  • Conference centres
  • Meal delivery including commercial such as room service and home delivery and voluntary such as meals on wheels
  • Education facilities, including schools, universities, VET provider campuses
  • Hospitals
  • Aged care & disability facilities including residential aged care, group homes, etc.
  • Mobile food/coffee carts, soup kitchens, etc.
  • Sporting canteens
  • Bars that incorporate food service
  • Museums and galleries
  • Performance venues such as theatres and arenas
  • Cookery classes
  • Correctional centres
  • Online food delivery businesses

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