MCIE staff and students lending a hand for the ‘Food Relief 4 International Students’ initiative

During these uncertain times, many of our international students have found themselves out of work, and without a regular source of income, our staff, determined to come up with a way to respond to the COVID-19 situation positively are lending a helping hand.

The team have banded together and came up with the Food Relief 4 International Students’ initiative, ensuring that no matter how tough things get, our students will not need to worry about going hungry during this time of hardship.  The production team use MCIE’s training commercial kitchen and have called for volunteers from the commercial cookery course to prepare, cook and pack take away food. Our commercial cookery students have responded enthusiastically, volunteering their time (under the supervision of our Chef trainers) to create lunch and dinner packs for our international students in need.

It’s great to see students gaining a sense of purpose and community spirit by supporting each other through these tough times.

Would you like to order food packs?  Click on the ‘Food Relief 4 International Students’ button below and enter the password provided to you by email on 31 March by Michelle Cassell, our Student Welfare Coordinator.

Would you like to volunteer to help with this amazing initiative? Email

Are you struggling with the impacts of the COVID-19? Do you need support with issues you are facing as a result of Government measures to control the virus?


Don’t forget that Michelle Cassell is here to help you. Email her at

MCIE has had to discontinue the free hot meals program, to enable our practical classes to resume. We are still supporting students in need of food. Please see Michelle Cassell for the options available to you.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the student and staff volunteers who supported our Food 4 Students initiative which delivered in excess of 10,000 meals between March and June this year. Thank you without your support this would not have been possible.

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