MCIE’s first sponsored graduate working in China is now on a trail-blazing path of self- discovery and learning as a kinder educator.

When officials from MCIE and Brightness Good Kindergarten Group, Zhanjiang, China, met up with China’s Department of Education and Training to discuss ways to help embed Australian National Learning Framework (NLF) in China’s early learning curriculum, little did they know that the discussions would not only pave the way for exchange of  knowledge between teachers and educators of the two countries, but would also open new doors for MCIE students to travel to China and work in the early learning centers in the country.

“Angelique, our first sponsored student from MCIE, who is currently working with China Brightness Good Kindergarten Group’s early learning center in Zhanjiang, has found the experience to be enriching and rewarding. While promoting the Australian way of early learning training amongst the Group’s kinder educators through continuing training is the cornerstone of the initiative, our students of Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) from Certificate III and Diploma levels also have an opportunity to travel and work in the Group’s centers in China. Angelique’s positive experience is a perfect example of how cultural diversity and international work experience can help our students learn about different ways of teaching and to grow in their careers,” said Maryann James, Head of Department, Community Care (ECEC, Individual Support, Disability and First Aid), MCIE.

China Brightness Good Kindergarten in Zhanjiang, welcome MCIE’s management contingent


Sharing her unique experience, Angelique said, “I have always been passionate about working with children and I had always found it to be a rewarding career path even when I was working in a childcare center in a hospital in France. Travelling and working in China now has not only added to my experience but has also taught me about a new and a different education system and also helped me embrace a new culture. While my sponsor and hosts have been amazingly supportive of my work and have encouraged me throughout this incredible journey, I am continuing to enjoy my work and my interactions with the little children here and teach them about colours, shapes, fruits, and vegetables in English language. We also sing songs in English which is the best part of my day. I am looking forward to continue working here.”

China Brightness Good Kindergarten, Zhanjiang


The initiative was kick-started in 2018 with MCIE and China based Brightness Good Kindergarten Group entering into an agreement to work in partnership delivering Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) and English language support training, as per Australian framework, to the Group’s pre-school teachers and staff across their centers in Zhanjiang. With the support of China Brightness Good Kindergarten as sponsor and host, the program also created opportunities for MCIE students to travel and work at their centers in China.

Said, Gary Coonar, Managing Director, MCIE, “We strive to provide our students with practical training and learning opportunities to not only help hone their skills as educators and but also to help them grow as professionals with the positive attitudes and experiences to enable them to excel at their jobs. While I am confident that this initiative will continue to promote and foster intercultural exchange and experiences between our trainers and teachers in both countries, more of our students also stand to gain international exposure and experience in early childhood learning from this initiative.”

Angelique and her training partner showing off their learning board

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