In order to maintain the highest level of integrity and professionalism in education business practice, MCIE requires all applications for agent representation to go through a thorough selection process and all necessary criteria must be met before representation approval being granted. MCIE also endeavours to ensure its representatives and agents strictly follow our enrolment guidelines and comply with Australian ESOS Act and National Code and be professional and demonstrate integrity in dealing with prospective students who want to Study in Australia, Melbourne.


Benefits of Working with MCIE

  • Pleasant, faster and simplified application process
  • Providing extra help to prospective students in the decision making
  • One working day turnaround time for Offer Letters
  • One working day turnaround time for eCOEs after payment received (allow 3 working days for cheques to clear)
  • Constantly listening to feedbacks to improve our services on all levels
  • Providing special course promotion deals from time to time


Become an Agent

If you are interested in becoming an International Agent for MCIE, contact International Marketing at


Our International Agents

Royal Stallion Pty Ltd 0430977007
The Trustee for Raw Talent Trust 0435473401
LiJing Huang 0467738009
Gyongbok T/A Global Youth 0410570170
Japan Link Pty Ltd 0418540865
Nishi Karamchandani T/A Wishlist 0430877725
DW International Group Ptyu Ltd 0420633656
Lannford Australia 0426395111
Bada Global Pty Ltd 0402 441 075
Complet-ed Pty Ltd 0451 841 120
StudyCo (03) 96292677