In order to maintain the highest level of integrity and professionalism in education business practice, MCIE requires all applications for agent representation to go through a thorough selection process and all necessary criteria must be met before representation approval being granted. MCIE also endeavours to ensure its representatives and agents strictly follow our enrolment guidelines and comply with Australian ESOS Act and National Code and be professional and demonstrate integrity in dealing with prospective students who want to Study in Australia, Melbourne.


Benefits of Working with MCIE

  • Pleasant, faster and simplified application process
  • Providing extra help to prospective students in the decision making
  • One working day turnaround time for Offer Letters
  • One working day turnaround time for eCOEs after payment received (allow 3 working days for cheques to clear)
  • Constantly listening to feedbacks to improve our services on all levels
  • Providing special course promotion deals from time to time


Become an Agent

If you are interested in becoming an International Agent for MCIE, contact International Marketing at [email protected].


Our International Agents

Australia Connect Group03 8683 9148[email protected]
Aust-Success Business Consulting Pty Ltd03 9478 3238[email protected]
Basya Pty Ltd+61 3 96422387[email protected]
IS EDUCATION[email protected]
Manjinder Sekhon06100433397935
Newpoint Migration and Business Consulting31039642 1887[email protected]
IAE Global: Yu Yamazakki03 86269300[email protected]
Australia Needs You: Natasa Shelley0402226868[email protected]
Will World Australia03 96500016[email protected]
Upper International0430271193[email protected]
Aussie Learning03 90056060[email protected]
MGM Education03 9013
Extragreen Holiday T/A Meeting Point Education Consultants96239904[email protected]
Australia Ryugaku Centre GCS Group03 9642 8552[email protected]
Staff Solutions Australia Pty Ltd02 8047 1402[email protected]
Australian Study Solutions Pty Ltd03 9939 7292[email protected]
Red Education03 9639
EDU Travel Group03 9943
Austral Migration and Education Consultants Pty Ltd03 9077 4059[email protected]
TK Associates PTY LTD61 4 34054595[email protected]
Information Planet Pty Ltd02 9283 6161[email protected]
Education and Migration Services Australia07 5591 7178[email protected]
KOKOS International Melbourne03 9639 2207[email protected]
Blue Studies International6131300767881[email protected]
DW International Group0433758126[email protected]
Easy Life Australia0451884542[email protected]
YEC International Ltd886223705401[email protected]
Aone International Education Consultancy886223113338[email protected]
CP International Education and Migration Centre+61 3 96025355[email protected]
Grasshopper International+57 4 312 5353[email protected]
OzFair Migration Pty Ltd+61 4 21007803[email protected]
VICTOP Migration, Education, Translation &Tourism Centre03 9998 0884[email protected]
Stellar Education Australia2 9212 7489[email protected]
Grasshopper International57 4 312 5353[email protected]
Study Fair International Ltd.+886 2 2370 7969[email protected]
Dunher Studies573206970131[email protected]
Education World SAS – COLOMBIA – Medellin5743115700[email protected]
MAIS AUSTRALIA EDUCATION and TOURISM and Link Study0421514115[email protected]
West 1 Student Services92615020[email protected]
Study Trip NZ00116499730852[email protected]
Extragreen Holiday T/A Meeting Point Education Consultants(03) 9623 9904[email protected]
SPIIBLE PTY LTD(03) 8610 6391[email protected]
IEC Abroad Ltd4401612334295[email protected]
VETA Education Consultancy(02) 92991458[email protected]
Asia Pacific Group(03) 96500569[email protected]
World Avenue0120 623 385[email protected]
Level Up Studies(03) 8839 1051[email protected]
Eduin Pty Ltd(03) 8590 2401[email protected]
JRIS Education LTD+886227732220[email protected]
A+ CAPEC Spain+34 91 173 38 73[email protected]
Nishi Karamchandani T/A Wishlist0430877725[email protected]
JR Training Australasia0457389600[email protected]
Shalom Education Services0433572664[email protected]
Sydney International Students Consulting Pty. Ltd.61 2 90030466[email protected]
Beyond Study Center+662 664 0719[email protected]
Let’s Go Study0466095176[email protected]

Australian Centre Student Agency

08 9225 4357

[email protected]

Penguin Education Consulting Australia

0431 376 772