It’s official: the prestigious QS Best Student Cities 2018 edition has ranked Melbourne the best student city in Australia and the third best student city in the world!


The QS Best Student Cities ranks locations on very diverse criteria including things such as the “student mix”, culture, employment opportunities and the quality of the education.


This year Melbourne took the crown for best in the world for “student mix”, showcasing the diversity and booming numbers of international students in our fair city. It also takes into account how welcomed and included international students feel in a city, and with more than 200,000 international students from 170 different countries calling Melbourne home, it is easy to see how accepting our city is.


Not only accepting, Melbourne was highlighted as being Australia’s cultural capital. Our city is home to delicious food, exciting nightlife, bountiful beaches and a massive calendar of theatre, sporting, and cultural events. This gives international students the chance to fully immerse themselves in this vibrant city and take part in what makes it unique.


Employability is always an important factor for international students with Melbourne ranking 10th best city in the world for “employer activity” making it an even more desirable location. Students looking to work while they study are afforded a generous 40 hours of work per fortnight during the semester and have a wealth of part time and casual work opportunities available to them.


With an unbeatable lifestyle, a wealth of employment opportunities and the world’s best student mix, it is easy to see why international student education in Melbourne is thriving!

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Melbourne City Institute of Education (MCIE) is a vibrant and innovative registered training organisation, which offers a range of courses in Melbourne to help students to fulfil their career goals.

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