Maryann James

Maryann James

Maryann James

Early Childhood Education & Care Coordinator

My journey has been long and I have enjoyed each moment. I am motivated by the passion brought forth by each of our students at MCIE and always look forward to sharing my knowledge and simultaneously learn from your experiences. This allows us to collaboratively be better early childhood educators for the future generation of the Australian children.

 My first interest in wanting to work with children was aspired by my wonderful experiences I had during my time with Victoria University where I completed my Certificate 3 and Diploma of Children’s Services. 

Whilst working with children, I have realized that “When I approach a child, he/she inspires in me with two sentiments: tenderness for what he/she is and respect for what he/she may become.” This has created a passion in me to extend my knowledge and understanding of early childhood theories and applying principles for development of children. This encouraged me to pursue my Bachelor of Teaching in Early Childhood Education and Care with University of New England.

My experiences have been as an Educator with Victoria University and Westbourne Grammar for almost 6 years before I embarked on my journey to becoming a Trainer & Assessor. I started my Training and Assessing career as a casual trainer, finding my passion once again in mentoring students on how to provide high quality care and education for young children. From then, I moved on to become a lead Trainer and then a mentor Trainer before finally landing myself to the position as a Training Coordinator for ECEC.


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