Dementia Studies Moving to a Different Beat

Music is being used in new ways in the aged care industry lately. Whether it is singing as a group to feel more connected or writing music to help families feel more connected with dementia patients, it seems the potential of music is growing quickly in Dementia Care! These are just a few ways in […]


MCIE Culinary Challenge 2017

The stakes and nerves were high as MCIE launched its Inaugural Culinary Challenge. With 5 teams of 3, Certificate III Commercial Cookery students were invited to join the challenge and were responsible for choosing their team members, designing a three-course menu, and submitting it for review prior to participating in the competition.   The grand event kicked off on Wednesday December 13th at our [...]

Assisting Australian Youth with Disabilities

Young people with disabilities fare worse than other young people in the population. This is because they’re less likely to engage in education, work, and community, leading to social, family, and economic implications. Therefore, young people with disabilities require appropriate support, to develop independent living skills and maximise their opportunities for independence.   The Meaning […]


VR Technology Engaging Youth in the Disability Sector

Virtual reality (VR) is shaping up to be an asset in developing future workforces. VR provides a new and exciting opportunity for transferring knowledge, skills, and experience. Recently, VR work experience games were launched in Victoria, designed to engage young people to work in the disability sector. This was the first initiative of its kind […]


Older Australians: The Gaming Enthusiasts of Today

During the past decade, stereotypes that video games are only popular with young people have been eroded. Through a report, undertaken by Bond University and the Interactive Games & Entertainment Association, it has become clear that video games are also a popular medium with older adults. The report, Digital Australia 2018, shows that the majority […]


The Future of Aged Care in Australia

Australia’s aged care system is currently world class. However, not only is life expectancy steadily increasing, the gap between male and female life expectancy is narrowing.


A Day in the Life of a Disability Support Worker

The life of a disability support worker varies from day to day. A Support Worker works alongside people with numerous disabilities, as they create a fulfilling life for themselves. This covers all areas of life, from taking care of themselves to managing money and using public transport.


Working in the Disability Sector

Working in the disability sector is very different from your average nine to five desk job. There are many rewards and challenges, and no two days are the same. However, as a disability support worker, you have the opportunity to help improve the quality of life for others.


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