The emergence of the internet and social media has given businesses new platforms to advertise. Today, businesses are less reliant on print, letter-box drops and billboards for exposure as platforms such as Google Ads, Social Media and Email marketing have proven to help businesses reach their targeted demographic with a very personalised set of message and multimedia.


Digital Marketing is Still Growing

In an increasingly digital world, digital advertisements and digital marketing are projected to skyrocket further as companies, small businesses and corporations are seen to increase their budgets allocated for digital marketing.  As social media is one of the primary past times of Australians, there has been a considerable demand for careers that are geared for managing, promoting and measuring performance on social media. A good social media marketer is proficient in the platforms of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube among others.

As social media marketers, they’re tasked to use the organisation’s social media accounts and perform the following duties:


  • Respond to questions, comments, and complaints;
  • Post updates,
  • Run promotions with multimedia collaterals, and
  • events of the organisation; and
  • post relevant information related to the nature of the organisation
  • Find and curate content
  • Report on the performance of the account and campaign
  • Continuously bridge offline marketing activities with social media updates
  • Plan the series of posts ahead of time


A Social Media Career in Australia

Being a social media professional is a busy and challenging career that rewards individuals who are good at multi-tasking, communications skills, business development skills and creativity.

In Australia, the average salary of a social media manager has already hit AU$55,000 per year, according to Payscale. Meanwhile, the same position can get about $56,770 per year in the United States, according to economist Elka Torpey of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, and an average of £25,287 per year in the United Kingdom, according to Payscale also.

However, experts are saying the future is unclear for social media marketers as the advancements of robots will soon take over their tasks. In the market today, there are already a number of social media bots that have the ability to interact with humans on a number of occasions — such as answer basic customer queries, provide suggestions and guide users in their experience. In perspective, machines don’t have the power to overthrow humans out of the marketing equation as businesses will still require humans as decision-makers and business planners.

In a sense, artificial intelligence and robotic applications were developed to help digital marketing professionals to be more productive as automated applications help streamline marketing, content planning and alleviates marketers from time consuming tasks such as repeated data entry.


Digital Education

Despite the improvement of Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing, a social media career remains a promising career for the future.

Looking at the potential earnings of the position, along with the rise of marketing in social media, the job is a viable job for a long-term, and will not be phased out. In Australia, a diploma of social media marketing has been added by the Australian government in its list of government-funded courses, which is based on the government’s high priority interests. The eligible students are able to experience subsidies in their studies and training. With this, the government sees the future of social media marketing careers in the country.

Technological advancements and trends are difficult to foresee. It is not yet known whether artificial intelligence can take over the human workforce overtime and when will the demand for social media careers will slow down. But looking at today, a social media career is a lucrative market for employment a. Would you like an exciting career in social media? MCIE offers Social Media Marketing Courses in Melbourne to help students and professionals become accredited digital marketeers. For enquiries, contact MCIE today at 1300 737 004 or email

Melbourne City Institute of Education (MCIE) is a vibrant and innovative registered training organisation, which offers a range of courses in Melbourne to help students to fulfil their career goals.

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