The industry’s growing demand for skilled health and care professionals has opened doors for new entrants. The Australian Government highlighted in-demand qualifications for over five years based on job shortages and growth. From aged care to mental health, these roles are in sky-high demand. So if you’re considering upskilling or a career change, seize this opportunity now!

Aged Care & Disability Support:

Early Childhood Education & Care

Mental Health Jobs in Demand:


The Melbourne City Institute of Education (MCIE) is known for offering top-notch education in the health and care sector. Opting for MCIE courses means you get hands-on skills through training that’s relevant to the industry. With skilled teachers and a dedication to helping students succeed, MCIE is the key to kickstarting a fulfilling career in Melbourne’s health and care sector. 

Take a step toward your future with MCIE, where education opens doors to opportunities.

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