MCIE is taking its place as a leading provider of outcomes-focused quality vocational education and training programs. Our courses are founded on the desire to provide practical education leading to real job outcomes matching industry needs. We empower our students to meet their career goals and have helped thousands of students gain jobs.

We offer International and Domestic students, nationally accredited qualifications across multiple industry sectors, including, Early Childhood Education, Aged and Disability Care, Hospitality, Business, Leadership and Management, and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).

From offering skill-relevant courses to higher education pathways, internships, and with outstanding industry partnerships, we are committed to providing an exceptional learning experience and opening doors to job opportunities for our graduates, by building knowledge and practical, work-relevant skills for now and into the future.

Graduates of some of our qualifications are provided advanced standing in higher education programs at quality Australian universities. To find out about what an MCIE qualification can do for you, explore our local and international courses.


Study with Us

We understand that you are pursuing a qualification for an outcome, to gain a job in your chosen industry, or as a stepping stone into higher education. Your career goals are important to us and we are committed to supporting you on every step of the way of your learning journey. Skills relevant training is at the heart of our courses, which are designed to support you to achieve the goals of your future.

We offer high-quality teaching standards, practical application of skills-based training, work-placement, project-based internships, employment opportunities through our extensive network of industry partners, and pre-approved pathways to higher education.


Why choose MCIE?

We care about your needs, your aspirations and your outcomes and we work with you to remove the barriers to entry to your chosen career. Our outcomes-based training has helped us build an enviable reputation as a leading provider of quality vocational education in Victoria. Our focus is on competency-based practical education leading to real job outcomes and meeting the needs of industry and the community.

This is one of the reasons why our students have consistently reported high learner satisfaction and successful job outcomes. In 2018, the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) survey showed that over 91% of our graduates were satisfied with their training and have received at least one job-related benefit.

Our commitment to high-quality teaching and training standards provides you with a nurturing and encouraging environment to support your learning and our wide-ranging industry connections provide access to hundreds of potential employers who highly regard MCIE graduates. National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) survey, 2018


    2020 Winner of the International Victorian Education Awards

Our priority is to help you become job-ready by the time you complete your training with us. That’s why each course is developed after extensive consultation with industry and subject matter experts who have insight into and understand the skills, knowledge and attributes students need to succeed.

We have partnerships with many organisations, individual specialists, industry leaders and industry associations to help inform our curriculum, remain current and relevant, and to ensure our students graduate with the skills and knowledge to meet industry expectations and needs.

Some of the benefits of our ongoing industry and employer networks are the opportunities extended to students for work-placement, practical application of skills, project-based internships and employment opportunities. As a result, many MCIE graduates gain paid employment after a successful work placement.

MCIE’s dynamic trainers and assessors boast exceptional currency, experience, competency and expertise in their fields and in VET training and assessing methodologies. They are culturally and socially diverse and will facilitate an extraordinary learning journey for you. Our centrally located, custom designed facilities provide you with a dynamic and exciting learning environment.

All these experiences are designed to educate, enrich, and prepare you for a rewarding future, one where you are better prepared not only for employment but to excel in your chosen field.


MCIE’s skilled and experienced trainers

Our training and assessment practices lead to quality outcomes because our trainers and assessors are the best available. MCIE trainers and assessors boast exceptional competency, industry experience and expertise. They are culturally and socially diverse and facilitate an extraordinary learning journey for our students.

MCIE supports ongoing professional development for all trainers and assessors, to maximise our capability to better serve students and the industries we work with.

Experience MCIE

Enjoy a vibrant, innovative, and dynamic learning experience with us. Choose from a wide range of courses designed to provide you with a range of practice-based training experiences to help you discover your passion and hone your skills; leading to real-life job outcomes that meet your career goals.


Student Services

Learn more about our student support services which are designed to help ease you into student life and to support and enhance your learning journey. And because we understand that every student’s learning journey is different, we offer a range of student services to meet the needs of everyone. Our student services include:

  • student orientation
  • student welfare coordinator
  • language and literacy support classes
  • job-ready activities


Our Campuses

 Discover our custom designed facilities which help develop a sense of community and belonging at the same time support and enrich your learning. Click here to see our locations & contact us.


Outcomes and Placement Support

Learn more about our industry engagement and work-placement support which help you meet the objectives of your course and finally your career goals.