STEP 1: Student Enrolment Applications


Step 2: Fill Out the Form

  • Attach other required documents including certified copies of your passport, transcripts, academic records and proof of English proficiency
  • If you fill the form out online, it will automatically send to us via email. Or, if you download the application form, please provide to MCIE or your education agent.

STEP 3: MCIE Application Assessment


STEP 4: MCIE Course Offer and Acceptance Agreement

  • You will be advised by a written Letter of Offer and Acceptance Agreement if your application is successful


STEP 5: Student Acceptance

  • To accept the offer, you must sign the agreement acceptance form and initial each page
  • Send the above documents to MCIE or your local education agent


STEP 6: Student Making Payment

  • You must pay the initial deposit to secure your place as per the Letter of Offer
  • Please refer “Payment Options” in the prospectus for how to pay the deposit
  • You can access the Credit Card authority forms in order to make payment here.


STEP 7: MCIE Issuing Confirmation of Enrolment Letter (eCoE)

  • MCIE will issue an electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE) to you upon receiving the completed Acceptance Agreement and tuition fee payment


STEP 8: Student Visa Application

  • You can use the eCoE to apply for a student visa to study in Australia
  • Please consult with your local education agent about visa application matters or visit the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) website for more details on visa applications to Australia:


STEP 9: Student Arrival

  • Contact MCIE as soon as you arrive in Australia.
  • Attend orientation (Bring your eCoE, offer letter or evidence of payment, passport and copy of your visa to the orientation)