• If the student terminates their enrolment agreement before commencement of the course and returns, all text books and resources in an acceptable condition, a full refund including the deposit will be provided.
  • If MCIE postpones a program for more than 8 weeks from original start date and no suitable program is available and the student returns all materials in an acceptable condition, a full refund including the deposit will be provided.
  • If the student terminates their enrolment agreement on or after the date of commencement of the program, no refund will be provided. • If MCIE terminates a student’s enrolment agreement due to a breach of the student code of conduct, no refund will be provided.
  • If the student re-enrols and commences a program under a new agreement, funds will not be transferrable, thus the student will not be entitled to any refund pertaining to the original course enrolment.
  • If a statutory cooling off period applies within the State where the education program is delivered, a refund will be applicable in accordance with such statutory requirements.
  • Refund of Fees can be requested in writing at time of withdrawal from course, all refunds will be processed within 28 days from request date.


Fee Refunds

Refund guidelines for MCIE observe the principles outlined in the ESOS (Education Services for Overseas Students) Act 2000. These guidelines apply equally to all new and re-enrolling students unless otherwise stated.

MCIE reserves the right,should it be necessary, to cancel or postpone any course prior to its scheduled commencement date. In such circumstances, if the course is postponed by more than four weeks, and if the student is unable to enrol in a similar course at MCIE, all fees will be refunded.

Refund of fees will be granted in accordance with the refund policy set out below.

Description Refund status
A course application is rejected by MCIE Full refund (this excludes an administration fee of $200 AUD)
Visa refused prior to course commencement or withdrawal at least ten (10) weeks prior to the agreed start date



Full refund of course fees (this excludes the administration fee and application fees which are not-refundable).

Partial refund – the amount of unspent pre-paid fees that MCIE must refund the student for the purpose of subsection 47E (2) of the Act is the total amount of the pre-paid fees MCIE received for the course in respect of the student less the following amount:

the lesser of:

(a) 5% of the total amount of pre-paid fees that MCIE received in respect of the student for the course before the default day; or

(b) the sum of $500.

Withdrawal more than four (4) weeks and up to 10 weeks prior to agreed start date. 70% refund of the total amount of pre-paid fees that MCIE received in respect of the student for the course, not including administration fee and non-refundable application fee.
Withdrawal less than four (4) weeks prior to the agreed start date 25% refund of the total amount of pre-paid fees that MCIE received in respect of the student for the course, not including administration fee and non-refundable application fee.
Withdrawal after the agreed start date. No refund

This includes all course fees, administration fees, cost of learning and assessment resources, OSHC, airport pick up (where applicable) and uniform and kit costs for cookery qualifications.

If students start the course after the scheduled date. No reduction in fee.
Enrolment is cancelled due to student’s misconduct or non-compliance with the rules and regulations set by the Australian Government. No refund
Course is withdrawn by MCIE (before the agreed start date).

MCIE is unable to start the delivery of a course on the agreed starting date or ceases to deliver the course before it is completed.

Full refund including application fee within 2 weeks of cancellation, or the agreed starting date, whichever is applicable.
MCIE is unable to provide the course after the agreed start date (for which the original offer was made) Refund of unused tuition fees. Pre-paid fees may be transferred to an alternative enrolment where the student agrees
The course is not provided fully to the student because MCIE has a sanction imposed by a government regulator Refund of unused tuition fees
Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) fees No refund if Statement of Attainment provided
Abandons the course without notice No refund and the balance of all outstanding fees for the course to be invoiced to the student
Visa extension is refused No refund – once the term starts, the fee is not refundable

Students are responsible for ensuring they have a valid visa.

Withdrawal from study – current students (not including English Language Studies’ students) with confirmed extenuating circumstances)* A partial refund of unused tuition fees (of the following term/s)
(Notification of Withdrawal from Studies) Form must be received 2 weeks prior to term commencement by the Administration Officer*)
Compulsory Health Insurance (Student visa holders only) Refer to the Overseas Student Health Cover provider
Home stay Fees and accommodation booking fee (if applicable) Full refund of unused fees if two (2) weeks’ notice is given
Airport Pick-up (if applicable) Full refund if service cancelled prior to flight arrival
EFTPOS and/or credit card payment surcharge and any transaction fees No refund
Visa cancelled due to actions of the student No refund
Where a student applies and is approved by MCIE to transfer to another registered provider before the completion of six months of study of the principal course. No refund


Request for Refund

Students who wish to apply for a refund of course fees in accordance with the Refund Policy should do so by completing an online request through MCIE’s website.


Refund Approvals

All refunds must be approved by the Finance Manager. Exemptions to any of the above conditions may only occur where the student can provide evidence that they have extenuating circumstances which may be considered on compassionate grounds.


Payment of Refund

All refunds for which a student is eligible will be forwarded, within 14 days to the person who paid the fees in his or her home country, unless the student is transferring to another registered provider in Australia (subject to visa conditions), in which case any refund may be remitted to that registered provider.

MCIE will provide the student with a statement detailing the calculation of the refund.


Access the full fees policy

The full – Fees and Fee Refund Policy International Students 03-1001 This policy covers the following topics:

  • Enrolment fees
  • Fee payment
  • Bank details
  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and AQF qualifications
  • Course materials
  • Additional costs
  • Not Yet Competent (NYC) charge – failure to achieve competency in a unit
  • Course deferral, suspension or cancellation fees
  • Course abandonment
  • Late payment fee on overdue fees.


Updated BD 05 January 2019