MCIE Initiated Deferral, Suspension or Cancellation

MCIE may defer or cancel commencement of a course when a course is not offered. In the unlikely event that MCIE stops teaching or cannot offer a course (anytime after a student has enrolled) their tuition fees will be protected under the ESOS Act. This may occur if MCIE closes its business or its course is removed from CRICOS. This situation is called provider default and there are strict rules that MCIE must follow in such situations. If this occurs, a student can choose to accept either:

  • A refund of all their course monies paid OR
  • Be placed in an alternative course at no extra cost to the student with MCIE or another provider.
  • The refund for provider default will be the unexpended tuition fees for the course. The refund will be paid within two weeks of the course not being provided. MCIE will provide the student with information about both choices – a refund or placement in an alternative course. Should the student choose to accept placement in an alternative course, the student must agree to this in writing.


MCIE may suspend a student enrolment for the following:

  • Failing to abide by the Code of Conduct
  • Compassionate and Compelling circumstances


MCIE may cancel a student enrolment for:

  • Unsatisfactory course progress
  • Non payment of overdue fees
  • Serious student misconduct

In a case of serious misconduct, the Director of Training Delivery, in consultation with the Managing Director will make an immediate decision on suspension or expulsion In the event of a MCIE initiated suspension or cancellation, students will be given 20 working days to access MCIE’s Complaints and Appeals Process Student’s enrolment will be maintained by MCIE until the Complaints and Appeals Process is complete. The suspension or cancellation will be notified to DIBP at the conclusion of the Complaints and Appeals Process, if the appeal is not upheld. If the complainant finds no satisfactory outcome with the internal MCIE Complaints and Appeals process then they can request mediation through OSO. However, MCIE may notify DIBP prior to the outcome of this appeal. Student Initiated Deferral, Suspension or Cancellation Students may defer commencement of a course, suspend or cancel their enrolment during their course in the following limited circumstances: • Compassionate and Compelling circumstances. All supporting documentation must be supplied.


Student Visa Delay

Students may request a deferral prior to course commencement by filling out the Student Withdrawal form or Student Request Form and submitting to the Manager – International Admissions. Requests must be in writing and addressed to the Manager – International Admissions. Once the deferral is processed the student will receive a new Confirmation of Enrolment certificate and have a new Letter of Offer and Acceptance Agreement written to reflect the requested change

Students may request to suspend their enrolment for a maximum period of six months by filing out the Deferral, Suspension or Cancelation Form and submitting to the Manager – International Admissions. Suspensions longer than six months may result in the cancellation of the student visa by DIBP. Students must obtain the approval of the Manager – International Admissions if they wish to suspend their enrolment for any period.

Once approved, the Manager – International Admissions will provide a letter confirming suspension approval • Students opting to cancel their enrolment in a course must obtain written approval from the Manager – International Admissions by filing out the Withdrawal Form. Once approved, the Manager – International Admissions will provide a letter confirming cancellation. Once the cancellation has been processed MCIE will notify DIBP and the student visa may be cancelled


In addition:

  • It is a requirement of DIBP that if a student’s enrolment is temporarily suspended for a period of 28 days or longer, the student must return home, unless special circumstances exist (approved by DIBP)
  • Upon deferral, suspension or cancellation, the course fees owed to MCIE will be due as set out in the Student Agreement
  • Once the deferral, suspension or cancellation is processed, MCIE will notify DIBP