Social Media Marketing


How Communications Factor in Social Media Marketing and Strategy

Social Media is a great exposure for a business. Not only does it allow you to be seen by hundreds and more, but you can also take advantage of these platform through network connection building. However, a social media marketer must be organized, prepared and is effective in communicating with the audience, his or her […]


How the New Instagram API Graph will Affect Marketing

From a social media platform used by art and visual aficionados to businesses who want to showcase their products and services through visual content, Instagram has definitely levelled up in both a social and marketing point of view. Instagram has also reached the one billion mark in users, quickly following Facebook on the number of […]


Trends that Will Affect Social Media Marketing in 2019

Social media marketing is a very competitive industry. With all the digital noise coming from all directions, businesses will need to figure out a unique approach of getting heard or seen out of the noise. As a student, you can see market competition as a battle royale scenario. The players are different businesses, while the […]


Social Media Marketing Tips that will Benefit Small Businesses

Experts have said it. Top brands have said it. Even blogs have said it. Social media marketing is a powerful avenue that allows business owners to define their target market, engage with potential customers and be up to date with customers via brand engagement. No matter the size of the business, social media — when [...]

How to Further Enhance Your Social Media Marketing Skills and Management

The digital age has allowed a new platform of marketing where everything is based on digital media. Hence, the name Digital Marketing stands out and it is where brands and businesses have made considerable investment to further their marketing reach. Digital marketing is applied across search engines, social media, news sites, video streaming sites and [...]

An Organized Approach to Social Media Marketing

In the world of social media marketing, organization is key when it comes to knowing your resources to be able to market continuously. With organization comes time allocation, budgeting, creative planning and brand management. Take, for example, business A is having a hard time finding clients during the winter break. But, its competitor Business B [...]

Ten Things to Master in Social Media Marketing Management

The social media marketing landscape is dynamic and ever-changing. The reason for change is because in the huge part of the customers as social media users. Customers and their behavioural ways include definitions such as interactions, their purchasing brackets, and their preferences as a group. Before, social media platforms were used mainly to connect with [...]

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