This is an internship program offered to highly skilled candidates that have recent and suitable hospitality experience or, have completed hospitality studies to a Diploma level within the past 12 months. Undertaking this internship allows the candidates to take up fulltime work while taking part in structured workplace based training to enhance their skills. Interns available for positions in Food and Beverage, Front Office and Cookery.

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Why take on interns through MCIE?

Employers can derive great benefits from employing or hosting a student undertaking an internship. Benefits include:

  • No recruitment cost: Taking on internships offers employers a cost-effective program for recruiting qualified, experienced and motivated candidates to meet the company needs
  • Access to experienced candidates: MCIE seeks out experienced candidates to be placed with host organisations. We will match your requirements with our pool of eligible candidates
  • A committed employee that will work a minimum of 30 hours per week. While their wage requirements are modest, interns are among the most highly motivated members of the workforce
  • No unreasonable employer obligations: Test-drive the talent and hire them full time at the end of their internship, that is if you are impressed with the skills and the work ethics of the intern
  • You are not obligated to pay unemployment or a severance package should you not hire them at the end of the internship certainty of having an intern for 12 or 24 months: The internship programs offered by MCIE are either registered for 12 months or 24 months. This will provide your business the certainty of having a fulltime reliable employee for a fixed period of time
  • Increasing your organisation’s profile: Offering internship and work placement opportunities raises the profile of your organisation with staff and students as an employer of choice. It can also contribute to succession planning and facilitate recruitment of future staff
  • Increase Workplace Diversity: When an organisation is comprised of groups of people with different experiences and backgrounds, more innovative and creative ideas a direct result


 What does the Internship program consist of?

The structured internship program is developed by MCIE in consultation with the host organisation at no additional training time or cost to the organisation and includes:

  • Training program objectives
  • Overview of work activities (Training modules)
  • Detailed and specific training tasks
  • Training duration and timeframes for training tasks
  • Skills audit to assess the intern’s existing skills and identifies their training needs
  • Training locations (on-the-job, classroom-based and supervised work activities)
  • Details of trainers and assessors
  • Planned learning outcomes
  • Monitoring and assessment of learning


What are the estimated wages for Hospitality Interns?

  • Internships are arranged on a full time basis with interns completing a minimum of 30 hours per week
  • The average hourly rate for interns is AU$16-$20. This wage may vary depending on the host organisation and internship hours


What are my employer obligations?

As a host organisation it is your responsibility to:

  • Treat the interns as though they are one of your employees by providing a safe working environment and ensure safe work practices are adhered to in the workplace
  • Define the jobs, tasks and roles that the intern will undertake as part of their internship
  • Ensure the supervising staff have the right skills to manage the intern
  • Communicate well and develop a rapport with the intern
  • Provide the intern the opportunity to try new things and progress their skills
  • Allow time for the intern to practice new skills
  • Motivate, watch, coach, praise and ask questions
  • Communicate with us promptly should any issues arise with the intern


What does it take to become a host organisation?

A commitment to quality training is paramount and therefore each host organisation should have staff with relevant training and experience to mentor the interns. There should be provision for adequate supervision at a host employer’s establishment.
MCIE has a “duty of care” to ensure that interns are placed in a safe work environment and therefore place an emphasis on all aspects of occupational health and safety. MCIE is pleased to provide assistance and support to host organisations in the areas of risk management and safe work systems.

An intern is already in Australia on a Student Visa, are they eligible?

As well as meeting the above, candidates will be eligible for an internship if:

  • They completed their Hospitality course at the Diploma level or higher
  • They can apply for a 12 month internship; and
  • Their student visa does not have an 8503 condition on it


Food Handling Certificate:

SITXFSA101: Use hygienic practices for food safety is the entry level unit of competency for food safety training within the Hospitality sector in Australia. It includes basic food safety practices such as personal hygiene and conduct, food handling, housekeeping and waste disposal and responsibilities where work involves preparation or serving of food in establishments such as cafes, clubs, hotels or bars.

All interns who opt for the Hospitality Internship Program undertake Food Safety Handlers certificate which is delivered as part of the induction program.


To become a host organisation, please contact us.