Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, if you need to:

  • travel to MCIE for Aged or Disability Care training/assessment
  • go to a workplace for work placement for Aged, Disability or Early Childhood Education and Care
  • go to one of MCIE’s campuses as an approved worker or student

You are required to fill out the below form, to apply to MCIE for a travel permit.


  • Please note that requests for Travel permits on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday must be received by MCIE by 3 pm on the day before.
  • Requests for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday must be received by MCIE by 1 pm on the Saturday before.
  • Any request made for travel permits made after these times will NOT be fulfilled and MCIE will not authorise the travel.
  • You must sign the authorised worker permit. You can print and sign or sign electronically.
  • An employee working at more than one site must keep a log of the places visited including date, time and place of attendance.
  • You must carry the worker permit and photo identification when travelling to and from the workplace, location you are travelling to for work.
  • A worker permit can be shown electronically to authorities such as a photo, or scanned copy, on a mobile device.
  • An adult can take an authorised worker to and from their place of work without a worker permit, if the worker is their dependant or a person they live with.
  • If needed, authorities must be able to confirm that travel is in accordance with the worker permit.  Call your manager, Uma Subban or Bryony Dade.

Providing false or misleading information may cause you to be in breach of the Chief Health Officer’s Stay at Home and Workplace Directions and liable to penalties up to $21,808.80 (individuals) and $109,044 (bodies corporate). Infringement notices may be issued in the amounts of:

  • $1,817.40 for an adult;
  • $726.96 for a child of or above the age of 15 years;
  • $181.71 for a child under the age of 15 years;
  • $10,904.40 for a body corporate.
  • You must wear a mask in all public places and outdoors.
  • Maintain social distancing when meeting with a student or when in the office.
  • Maintain personal hygiene standards to manage COVID 19.
  • Everyone must check in using the QR code in the office or workplace
  • Students must follow the COVIDSafe Plan of the work place where they are doing their placement