Course Assessment 


In general terms assessment during training will involve:

  • Observation of performance
  • Case studies / Projects / Assignments / Presentations / Role plays
  • Written assessments and exams
  • Integrated assessment of some units may occur


Students will be given advance warning of the time and form of any summative assessment and will not be expected to sit an assessment they have not prepared for.  At the start of the assessment the Assessor will read through the instructions/Assessment Task with you and you will be given the opportunity to ask any questions regarding your Assessment Task, prior to commencement. Students will be given an opportunity for at least one reassessment for any competencies not achieved on the first attempt. If a student competence in the assessment, they can apply to undertake the assessment for a second time, at no additional cost. However, if competence is again not achieved, a student can request to be re-assessed again but will be required to pay a fee of $250 (Theory) and $300 (Practical) for each unit. If competency is not achieved in either situation, the student will be required to re-enrol in the unit and undertake it in full. A student is entitled to appeal to MCIE if they feel that their result is not as they expected.