Student Safety Policy


MCIE has a number of processes to provide a safe and secure learning environment to all students. These include hours of operation and access to staff to assist students where required.

  • MCIE does not schedule classes outside of 0800hrs to 2200hrs.
  • MCIE does not allow students to attend scheduled classes for more than eight hours in any one day
  • When travelling to and from the MCIE premises it is important to ensure your own safety at all times.

The following are some tips to follow to ensure your safety:

Student Safety Tips

  • Do not openly carry valuables, including iPods, mobile phones, laptops, etc
  • Try to find routes that are well lit and busy
  • Avoid confrontation – it is better and safer to walk away if you are being provoked
  • If you feel you are being followed, cross the street, and if you are still worried, move as quickly as possible to a public area (such as a restaurant) and then telephone for help
  • At night, walk in pairs in well-lit areas and on busier streets, not dark alleyways and side streets
  • Have your keys ready well before you reach the door of your car or house
  • If travelling by bus or tram at night, try not to wait alone at the bus or tram stops. Arrange for others to meet you at your home stop if you are returning late and have a long way to walk home
  • If you are travelling by train at night, do not sit in an empty carriage. Try to sit near groups of people in a well-lit area
  • Check the time of the last train, bus or tram home to avoid being stranded at night
  • Avoid walking alone after getting off public transport at night