Policy and Purpose


To ensure MCIE collects, handles, uses, stores and discloses all staff and student personal information in a manner compliant with the Information Privacy Act 2000.

Protecting all personal information of staff and students is a serious moral, professional and legal responsibility that MCIE recognises and accepts.



Practicing privacy at MCIE involves:

  • COLLECTING only information that MCIE needs
  • INFORMING people why MCIE needs the information and how we will use it
  • DISCLOSING only the information that is necessary for the purpose of the service
  • ACCESSING – providing people with access to their own records
  • SECURING the information against unauthorised use or disclosure

All information collected at MCIE (including enrolment, excursion and medical certificates etc) will be subjected to the above principles.

All relevant information and records relating to students (eg: enrolment forms, consent forms, assessments, academic reports etc) will all be retained in secure storage in the office.

Under no circumstances, will personal private information be disclosed to unauthorised people.

All records will be maintained and kept up to date by MCIE administration staff.



Relevant ACTS and Regulations