This document outlines the Terms and Conditions for all scholarships, bursaries and awards administered by the Melbourne City Institute of Education (MCIE). All scholarships, bursaries and awards will be referred to as ‘scholarships’ herein.

Students in receipt of a scholarship (e.g. Certificate III in Commercial Cookery Scholarship), may also be required to sign an individual scholarship agreement. Students must meet all conditions as outlined in the agreement.

You must read these Terms and Conditions in their entirety before you accept your scholarship offer. When you accept your scholarship offer, you are agreeing to and accepting these Terms and Conditions and any other requirements and conditions of your scholarship listed on the MCIE website, outlined in your offer letter or subsequent scholarship agreement.


1.1 Our responsibility

MCIE is responsible (unless otherwise indicated) for:

  • taking applications for scholarships
  • making all scholarship offers
  • scholarship payments
  • the maintenance of records relating to scholarships, and
    n reviewing the academic progress and eligibility of scholarship holders.

You should contact MCIE for course related enquiries (e.g. transferring courses, intermission etc).


1.2 Keeping your contact details up to date

All hardcopy correspondence during the application process will be sent to your MCIE student postal address or for prospective students, to the address submitted in your scholarship/competition application. Current MCIE students must update their address details. Prospective students must inform MCIE of any change in name or address details by submitting the information online or by contacting MCIE on 1300 737 004.

Email is the main way MCIE will communicate with you. It is essential that you check your email account regularly.


2. Accepting your scholarship

All students offered scholarships will receive a scholarship offer pack containing all relevant course information and these Terms and Conditions. You will be advised how to proceed with your scholarship. If you do not complete the required information as instructed, your scholarship may be withdrawn and/or reallocated.


3. Scholarship value and payments

3.1 Scholarship value

The total value of your scholarship is outlined in your offer letter.


3.2 Payment dates

Payment for your course is directly managed by MCIE and does not require for you to make any payments, as such, you will not be provided any funds by MCIE.


3.3 How your payment is calculated

Your scholarship amount will be outlined in your offer letter.


3.3.3 Enrolling in more than one degree

If you are enrolled in two courses concurrently, you will only receive payment for study in the course for which the scholarship was awarded.


4. Eligibility criteria and conditions of scholarships

4.1 Specific criteria

Scholarships are awarded based on established eligibility criteria. You must meet the eligibility requirements to receive the scholarship. The eligibility requirements for each scholarship are outlined on the individual scholarship page or below.


4.1.1 Competition Specific criteria

The MCIE Cooking Scholarship competition is open to Victorian residents only. Entries for this competition close on 23:59 EST 31st of July 2015. To be eligible, you must;

  • Agree to the terms and conditions in this document
  • Not qualify for the Victorian Training Guarantee
  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Understand that the competition winner is determined based on the sole discretion of MCIE
  • Accept and understand the requirements of the course
  • Accept and understand that data collected on you is managed in accordance with our Privacy Policy which can be accessed at


4.1.2 MCIE Staff members

If you are, or become, employed by MCIE on a continuing basis or a fixed term contract, you are not eligible for scholarships. You must notify MCIE if you are a staff member ineligible for scholarships.


4.1.3 Enrolment requirements

All scholarships are awarded on the basis that you will maintain an enrolled status in your course of study. Your scholarship may be terminated if your enrolment status is inactive at census date.


4.1.4 Deferring your scholarship

For more information on deferring your course offer, refer to the information in the MCIE handbook.

Once your course is deferred, refer to your offer letter to determine if you can defer your scholarship, and if permitted, follow the instructions for deferring your scholarship online.


4.1.5 Taking intermission or a leave of absence from your course

For more information on taking intermission or leave of absence from your course, refer to the information in the MCIE handbook.


4.1.6 Transferring your scholarship to another degree

A scholarship may not be transferred to another course.


4.1.7 Discontinuing your course

If you discontinue your course, your scholarship will be terminated. If you return to MCIE, you are required to reapply for scholarships and there is no guarantee that you will be reoffered the same scholarship.


5. Retention and academic performance

5.1 Retaining your scholarship

To retain your scholarship, you must:

  • maintain your residency status and advise MCIE within fourteen days if you change your residency status. If you are in receipt of an international scholarship, your scholarship will be terminated if you are granted Australian permanent residency or citizenship
  • provide confirmation of your circumstances during the term of the scholarship as requested
  • maintain enrolment in an approved course at a MCIE campus
  • adhere to MCIE’s academic and administrative policies.
  • You must also meet any additional criteria as outlined in your offer letter.


6. Other scholarships

You may be permitted to hold more than one scholarship.

You cannot receive two scholarships at the same time that both pay your tuition fees. In this case, the scholarship of lesser value will be terminated.

International students are not eligible to receive a financial incentive/grant and scholarship at the same time. International students cannot hold any other scholarship offered by MCIE.


7. Centrelink and taxation

MCIE cannot provide you with financial advice on taxation or Centrelink matters. The information provided here is of a general nature only and does not take into account your individual circumstances.


8. Scholarship termination

8.1 Grounds for scholarship termination

MCIE may terminate your scholarship if you have:

  • discontinued from your course or have inactive enrolment
  • failed to meet the eligibility criteria and conditions of your scholarship
  • failed to maintain satisfactory academic progress
    been suspended or excluded for misconduct under MCIE statutes and regulations; or
  • been made an incorrect scholarship offer as determined by MCIE in its sole discretion.


8.2 Consequences of termination

If your scholarship is terminated you will not receive any further payments.


9. Further Requirements

9.1 Academic requirements

You must meet the academic requirements of MCIE, maintain enrolment and meet the eligibility requirements of the scholarship.


9.2 Providing false information

Providing false or misleading information is an offence. If MCIE knows or has reason to believe that you have provided false or misleading information, MCIE may reassess your entitlement to the scholarship and notify the Department of Education of the circumstances and provide a copy of your application and any other relevant information as requested by the Department of Education.


10. Grievances and appeals

10.1 Grievances relating to University policies and procedures

You may lodge complaints about academic and or administrative matters under The MCIE Grievance Policy and Procedure available via contacting


10.2 Appeals

Initial inquiry

For issues concerning your scholarship first contact MCIE n person or call on 1300 737 004. MCIE may be able to resolve your issue or assist with your inquiry.



If the initial inquiry does not resolve your issue you can send a written complaint to:

Managing Director
MCIE Scholarship
Level 2, 52-58 Chetwynd St
West Melbourne
Victoria 3003


11. Privacy

MCIE is bound by Victorian privacy laws. The MCIE Privacy Policy applies only to personal information that a person provides to MCIE.

For information on the collection of your personal information, refer to the MCIE Privacy Policy at


Contact details

Mailing address:

Melbourne City Institute of Education
Level 2, 52-58 Chetwynd St
West Melbourne
Victoria 3003

Phone: 1300 737 004
Disclaimer: MCIE reserves the right to alter information, procedures, fees and regulations contained in this document. Please check the MCIE website for updates ( All information reflects prescriptions, policy and practice in force at time of publication. Please visit the scholarships website for news and updates during the year. Published June 2015.