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Aged Care – Is it the Right Career For You?

Increase in wages for Aged Care Workers

The recent wage increase for aged care workers in Australia is a significant milestone for the industry. The Fair Work Commission’s decision to raise the award wages by 15% is expected to benefit around 200,000 workers across the country, including those working in aged care.


Demand for aged care workers to rise

COVID-19 has been a particularly testing time for health, aged care, and disability services providers. With the elderly being the most vulnerable, care workers in Australia have been working tirelessly to ensure that older people in care, receive the health care and support they need. The pandemic has been an exceptionally difficult time, putting added [...]

Aged Care – Is it the Right Career For You?

Caring for members of an ageing population is one of the key hallmarks of a healthy society. Despite growing demand for workers in this area, aged care remains an important but often overlooked career path in many developed countries. Deciding whether a career in aged is a good choice for you is one that you [...]
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