Living on a student budget may mean forgoing the luxury trip across Europe, but that doesn’t mean you can’t travel! Here are some top locations that you can go to from Aus, where your dollars will take you far!


Home to many activities and sites, this cheap country will have you living like a king for less than you would think. You can get a nice place to stay, food, transportation and even alcohol for less than 35 AUD per day.


Thailand has been trying to revamp its tourism as of late and many tourism companies have been offering excellent deals. You can get a private room with a bathroom for less than 45 AUD per night.


With the state of the economic condition in Greece, prices are low and the tourism will help bring in some more much-needed money. The country is mind-numbingly beautiful and features amazing coasts and architecture. This is one of the best locations in all of Europe for cheap travel.


Named the best value long-haul destination by the Times of London, Bali has become an attractive option for foreigners, again due to the devaluation of the local currency, Rupiah. Your money is suddenly going a lot further than it used to, especially in relation to the pound. This is attracting a new, younger tourist back to the island, that for many years was lost to Thailand. Plus, you can get super affordable flights to Bali, from all over Australia!


You can travel in Vietnam for less than 35 AUD per day and may even struggle to spend that much. Even with the rise in tourism in recent years, the country still remains very cheap and that isn’t going to change away anytime soon.

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