Article by Jason Bishara

Tips for overcoming procrastination are a dime a dozen on the internet. However, very few of us ever make it through an entire list, as it’s likely we have already begun to procrastinate from reading about procrastination, thus committing the ultimate form of ironic procrastination.

Well, to keep things simple and easy, and to bring some awareness back to something that plagues us all in the age of cat videos and YouTube, here are 5 achievable tips on how to overcome procrastination and bring productivity back in your life.


How: Choose where you work and with who wisely. Don’t study or work in places filled with distractions. Instead, go outside, find a café or a park, and leave your phone at home where it belongs.

Why it helps: Helps bring focus to the immediate task by removing obstacles.



How: Create a reward system to celebrate successful tasks. Don’t make the mistake of rewarding yourself before you work e.g., “I’ll just watch this movie, then get started.” Instead, use a movie (or whatever floats your reward boat) as a reward after you achieve a specified goal.

Why it helps: Positively reinforces effort and progress by providing incentives to drive to achieve.


Break up larger tasks into smaller ones

How: Procrastination is more than putting off tasks; it’s a fear of action. This fear is greatest when a task seems overwhelming. However, if we break up larger tasks into smaller, more manageable ones, the fear can dissipate.  

Why it helps: Tasks seem smaller with holes punched in them. Builds momentum and reduces obstacles.


To Do list

How: Make a list of tasks that you’re confident you will complete. Make a point of crossing each task off as you complete them.

Why it helps: Rebuilds faith in your own abilities and gives you a sense of accomplishment as you complete each task.


Learn to Forgive Yourself

How: We all do it, it’s ok. If you slip up, don’t be hard on yourself. Understand that there is no quick-fix solution, and that teaching oneself good habits takes time.

Why it helps: Procrastination is often rooted in your psychology. Forgiveness can improve future results.

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