MCIE are proud to be supporting A Date with CourageThe fundraising conference is being held on Saturday the 15th of August at the Kung Fu Academy 1pm-5pm.

The event is expected to raise $5000 for The Hunger Project. Patrons can enjoy inspiring talks and fabulous food all while supporting a great cause.





Andrew spent his formative years in the criminal underworld. In 1998, Andrew was released from jail. Today, Andrew helps community groups stay self sustainable. His story highlights the courage it takes to face our past.



Don is one of Australia’s favourite medal winning Paralympian’s. As an elite athlete, author, motivational speaker, husband and father, Done reminds the world that everyone can have a go, no matter the challenge,



A direct disciple of famed martial arts hero Yip Man, Grand Master William was also teacher to Bruce Lee. His involve with Wing Chung Kung Fu for over 65 years has earned him widespread recognition in the martial arts world.



Carolyn is a respected author and founder of the Slow School of Business. But to get to this stage, she had to get unstuck. Carolyn shares her experiences of giving everything up and starting over with her young son in Provence, France.



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