COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the world economy and the prospects of jobs losses, downsizing, pay cuts, and reduction in working hours has brought a lot of uncertainty in our lives. With people self-quarantining, and businesses shut down, companies are facing enormous revenue losses, which means that all of us are facing the hard truth- we could be at risk of losing our jobs.


Do not worry – be practical

While it’s normal to worry about your job, remember that in these circumstances, not everything is in your control. And that you are not alone. Millions of people have been affected. It’s quite possible that even a friend, a family member, or a colleague may have lost their job due to this economic downturn.

While it’s okay to worry and prepare yourselves for an uncertain future during these times but to keep worrying that you might be the next one will start to affect your performance at the work front. The constant dread of losing your job can set you down the path of worry, anxiety, and despair. These negative thoughts will sap your energy and will eat into your drive and motivation to excel at your job.


Here’s what you can do to stay positive

Channel your thoughts for a positive outcome

Do not think of the current scenario of a possible job loss as inevitable and do not let negative thoughts hamper your work. Instead focus on the job at hand and be as open, approachable, committed, and diligent in your job as before. Engage with your colleagues as well as your superiors and always strive to add value with your inputs and hard work. It could be the deciding factor in your favour, should your position come up for redundancy.

Ok so you lose the job – be prepared!

With job cuts and downsizing all around us, it’s likely you will feel discouraged. But it would help to keep in mind that you are not alone in this situation. Also, understand that the current situation in beyond your control and find comfort in the fact that it doesn’t reflect on your capability or performance. Further, focus on what you can do to plan ahead. While it makes sense to look for jobs in your field but given the current job environment, be open to work in other fields as well.  Make a list of jobs where your skills can be considered transferable. It would open new opportunities for you.

Reach out and engage with your network

We often shy away from reaching out to those who might be in a position to help us when we are feeling down or discouraged. Don’t let the fear of losing your job make you withdraw from your industry network and connections. Instead, prepare ahead by staying connected with industry contacts, attend webinars, keep learning, reach out to mentors and if you need to – register your details with recruiters.

Update your resume and profile

Prepare yourself for a job search by updating your resume and your Linkedin profile. Register yourself on other job-sites, which can help you in your job search. Reach out and connect with recruiters as well. Make a list of your skills, expertise, and accomplishments. It would also help to brush up on your interview skills and techniques. Remember, in the current scenario, phone and video interviews are the new norm for any interviewer. Checkout Youtube videos on online Interview techniques!

Look for upskilling or reskilling opportunities

With self-quarantines, and work from home being the new ‘normal’, there are plenty of online short courses that are either free for now or are available at a low cost. This may be a good time to pursue a course that may add to your skill set or help acquire a particular skill set for a different field.


These are uncertain times and the job world is going through a turmoil. While fear of losing your job along with self-doubt, and despair will cloud your mind, such thoughts will not help you. Focus, preparedness, and a positive disposition will help you weather this storm.

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