Australia is a very safe place. A beautiful multicultural country offering a high standard of living.


Australia has a very low crime rate, the millions of locals and tourists experience a very safe lifestyle. Australia has fallen to some media attention over the last few years with the racial attacks on Indian students. Unfortunately, these handful of incidents were highly publicised and portrayed to mislead the public about life in Australia. Remember, no matter were you are in the world, you always need to be aware of your surroundings.

When you first come to Australia, avoid traveling alone at night when possible and always try to keep a working mobile phone on you, in case of an emergency.

Other than being aware of your general safety, when you first come to Australia to study, you will notice the weather. The sun in Australia can get extremely hot and sometimes unbearable if you are not used to the heat. Keeping your skin protected from the sun is very important for your health. Remember, when you are in the sun to ‘slip, slop, slap’ – wear covered clothing, wear sunscreen and slap on a hat.


Australia is full of beautiful beaches and surrounded by the ocean, you will enjoy Australia’s natural surrounds – but do be aware of sharks. Most popular beaches have life guards on patrol in the warmer months and markers in the water outline what areas are safe for swimmers. To stay safe, always follow the rules.


Australia is home to several species of poisonous animals both in the waters and on land. Marine stingers live in the tropical waters but the most popular beaches have stinger resistant enclosures for safety.

On land, a spider or snake bite can be lethal, avoid any contact with snakes and spiders and if bit you should seek emergency medical treatment right away. Always exercise reasonable caution, if it appears unknown or dangerous, don’t touch it!

Australia is an amazing country to study in. Thousands of International students come to Australia to study every year. Australia offers a high quality education and a high quality of life. Contact us to learn more about studying in Australia!

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  • My oldest daughter actually went there for a semester a few years back, and she absolutely loved it! And danger is everywhere, you just have to be vigilant about paying attention. And to be honest, the news media are such instigators of bad news….you can’t allow yourself to miss out on a once-in-a-lifetime experience because of something that happens all over.

    Ann Reply
  • Our daughter is the one to have found this site, and directed us to it. As she will be graduating this year, we will be all going down there in the summer to get her acclimated to the area. And yes, both her mother and I are both nervous, but it is what she truly wants to do, she’s worked hard (at work and school) to be able to get into the Institute. And it’s also a huge plus that we have friends living in Melbourne, who will keep an eye out for her. And though it’ll be hard for us, especially with her being so very far, we do have to cut the cord eventually. And what a chance for her to expand her horizons. I would highly recommend studying in Melbourne or Australia. And as long as she keeps her head and uses common sense, we have no true fear for her being there.

    Brandon Reply

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