One of the best things about being an international student (besides getting a great education) is that you really get to know the country you’re in.

There is so much to see and do in Melbourne but there’s also plenty of places that are perfect for a day or overnight trip.

Here are some great places just a few hours away from Melbourne that’ll give you a real taste of Australia.


The Great Ocean Road:

It’s one of the most iconic views in Australia, The Great Ocean Road. Best explored over a few days, this winding road is full of beautiful vistas and idyllic little towns. There’s still something to see if you’ve only got a day though, ‘The Twelve Apostles’ (a series of rock formations jutting out of the ocean) is one of Australia’s most quintessential images and great for aspiring photographers.  


Mornington Peninsula:

For the foodies, the Mornington Peninsula is renowned for its vineyards and cafes. Only 75kms from the CBD, this is an area you’ll be able to visit again and again.

If you’re feeling active, there are plenty of beaches to enjoy or, if you can brave the winter cold, you can swim with seals in Rose Bay.


Phillip Island:

If you love everything small and furry, Phillip Island is an animal lovers paradise. The Koala Conservation Centre should be your first stop with treetop boardwalks you’ll be able to see this famous marsupial up close and personal.  

The highlight of your trip has to be seeing the penguin parade. With up to 32,000 penguins calling the beaches of Phillip Island home, you’re bound to see a few walking up the sand to their burrows after a busy day of fishing.



At one point in the 1880’s, Bendigo was the richest city in the world and it shows in the incredible architecture that dots this country town. This is a history buffs delight with many significate events in the country’s history happening in the region.

If you’re more interested in shopping, you can grab a piece of history at one of the famous antique stores on View street.


This is just a taste of the many places around Victoria and the outskirts of Melbourne that are worth a look on a long weekend so get out there a see what we have to offer. Post below about some of the places you’ve been already, we always love to hear it. Happy hunting!

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