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You’re hungry for more and you want to live life on your terms. You want to be a living example of never “working” another day in your life because you’ve found your calling and are excelling in a career you love, right?

The problem?

You’re not quite sure what to do with yourself, let alone what your best career path is. You’ve been tossing up some ideas, but you’re wondering how to find a career that will truly make you happy.

Let’s look at some tips to help you uncover the best career for you, and start the journey to make your career dreams possible.


Step 1. List Your Passions

Let’s write a passion list. Do you have a hobby that you love? Perhaps there’s a long lost career goal you’d dreamed about as a child?
Do you find yourself dreaming about working in an office, working outdoors, working with children, animals? Perhaps you love writing, swimming, or technology. What is it that you’re passionate about? What is it that you truly love to do?
Don’t worry about employment prospects when you’re writing this list, just let the ideas flow, and get it down where you can see it.


Step 2. List Your Skills

You may just surprise yourself when you begin to list the skills that you have.
Can you use computer programs such as Microsoft Office? Perhaps you’ve got experience organising groups, or your family? Maybe you have experience with money handling, writing reports; perhaps you’ve built your own website and have online skills.
You don’t have to have official qualifications to list them on your skills list. It can be anything you’ve done in everyday life, as part of the community, at work or at home.


Step 3. List Your Career Possibilities

Now is the fun part. What careers can you think of that put your passions to use, and even better, utilise any current skills you have.
Again, don’t question yourself at this point, anything is possible. It might even be that you decide you want to use your skills to start your own business. It can seem scary but you could always study Small Business Management to get you the skills you need.
Your dream career isn’t about your current skills; it’s about living a fulfilling, passionate life, doing what you love.


Step 4. Volunteer Your Way To A New Career

If you’re still not quite sure if your prospective career ideas are ones you’d love to pursue, then a great way to test it out is by volunteering.
The great thing about volunteering is that you can do this while you’re still in your current job, or even before you leave school. Use websites like Go Volunteer to help you to find great opportunities close to home, in an industry you’re interested in.


Step 5. Career Re-skilling Or Up-skilling                

This is where the fun starts. There are so many wonderful courses available in Australia. Whether you’re interested in gaining Aged Care qualifications, or perhaps you’ve always wanted to work in tourism, or are interested in cooking, you’ll find plenty of education opportunities that will get you into your ideal industry.


Step 6. Career Mindset & Motivation

Don’t be afraid to try something new, have fun and re-prioritise. Give yourself permission to change and succeed.
You don’t need all the answers to get started, all you need is some courage to be honest with yourself, and be open to uncovering the real you. Finding your dream career isn’t about doing what’s expected or what you think is right, it’s about working step by step toward following your passions.

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