After a recent announcement from the Australian Government, International students will temporarily be allowed to work more hours to help alleviate worker shortages.

What it means for students:

This is great news for students with no restrictions on the amount of hours they can work. Last year, the 40hr work limit was removed for the tourism and hospitality industry – now, it is across the board.

This change will impact up to 400,000 International students who will be able to work extra hours under a temporary relaxation of visa rules, which have been causing crippling labour shortages.

According to the Financial Review, even before the omicron virus surge fuelled labour shortages, businesses had been trying to hire almost 400,000 workers to fill vacant positions. Job vacancies rose 18.5 per cent to hit a record of 396,100 in the three months to November 30 as employers embarked on a hiring spree at the end of the delta lockdowns in NSW, Victoria and the ACT, the Australian Bureau of Statistics reported on Wednesday.

The government is encouraging International students to return to Australia, and backpackers are also allowed into the country under working holidays visas, on the condition they are fully vaccinated.

Managing Director of MCIE, Gary Coonar states “This is a great relief for businesses who are struggling with the staff shortages, and for students it is a great opportunity to pickup extra work. However, students should be mindful of their study obligations, which have not changed and must continue to abide by their student Visa conditions. “

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