“ The Professional Development (PD) training session in China enabled us to discuss differences and similarities in early year learning in both the cultures” – Dilbear Kirimof, Senior Bilingual Teacher, MCIE


In Conversation with Dilbear Kirimof, Senior Bilingual Teacher, MCIE

MCIE recently concluded its first Professional Development (PD) training session in China on Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) and English language support training for early years teachers in Zhanjiang province. Held in partnership with the Brightness Good Kindergarten Group, which owns and operates a chain of early childhood services in Zhanjiang, the training session was first of many more such planned sessions in China by MCIE for the Group’s early years educators and staff members.

Aimed at helping enhance the skills of pre-school teachers in China and to embed Australian Early Years National Learning Framework (NLF) in China’s current early years curriculum and programs, the first session was conducted by Dilbear Kirimof, Senior Bilingual Teacher at MCIE who, upon invitation by the Brightness Good Kindergarten Group,  travelled to China to deliver the training program to the Group’s teachers and staff at one of their early years centre.

Here Dilbear shares her experience and learnings from the trip.


How excited were you about your trip to Zhanjiang?

I am both excited and humbled by the opportunity to conduct MCIE’s first Professional Development (PD) session in China and to talk about and help train the early year’s educators there on Australian early learning framework and curriculum. It promised to be an enriching experience and I looked forward to interacting with children, educators and centre managers in China. I was truly excited about the opportunity to learn and experience a different culture and to share my learnings with them.


Can you tell us about your experience during the trip?

I visited three different early childhood learning centres during the trip and I also conducted a professional learning session on EYLF and NQS. In my role at MCIE, I have previously formatted and interpreted Australia National Learning Framework and service policies and practices to Mandarin and the session received an overwhelming response from both the educators and other staff members.  I was also quite enthralled with the warm welcome by the centre’s managers and educators at all the places. It was also wonderful to meet and interact with the Centre Director and Leaders. I also spent some time with the children in their classrooms and it was a wonderful experience to be with them.


Tell us more about the training session and your learnings there.

The professional learning session was quite enriching with the presence of over twenty educators and managers. It enabled us to discuss various similarities and differences in early year learning in both cultures. We discussed aspects such as learning philosophies, parent expectations, qualifications and requirements to become educators as well as the common grounds for both MCIE and Early Learning Centres in China to work together to achieve our goals.


What was your impression about Zhanjiang?

It was a very enjoyable trip for me. Though the weather was hot and humid the warm and friendly people, absolutely gorgeous food, and my wonderful hosts Richard Ye and Candy from the Brightness Good Kindergarten Group made me feel welcome. I also got an opportunity to meet some wonderful educators and to learn from their experiences.

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