This year has seen a massive resurgence in international student numbers at Australian schools. Enrolments increased by 11 percent, just in the first seven months of the year.

In fact, by July of 2016, Australia had already welcomed 493,700 international students. Just short of the 497,500 received in the whole of 2015.


Recovery Mode

This data suggests that the international education system is recovering well from a recent drop in numbers. Numbers dipped between 2009 and 2013, due to a combination of varying factors. There was the high Australian dollar, visa changes, callous attacks on international students, and college scandals. However, it’s clear to see the setbacks did not dampened interest by international students, in an Australian education.


A Strong System

The figures are representative of the strength of Australia’s international education sector. The sector provides over 100,000 jobs to Australians and supports our accommodation, hospitality and services sectors. Consequently, the growth is about to be further boosted by a 10-year National Strategy for International Education. The Strategy will bring in even more skilled people from around the world, and build on Australia’s reputation overseas.


Mixing it Up

It’s not just universities international students are coming to Australia for either. Vocational education and English language sectors also experienced a growth. So too did certificate III courses, increasing by 21 percent. This is compared to just 11 percent for bachelor degrees and 2 percent for PhDs. Enrolments in senior secondary certificates rose 12 percent as well, stimulating the growth of high schools.

The resurgence in international student numbers wasn’t without its own setbacks. The sudden influx of applications proved to be a considerable test for the Governments processing system. This was due to increased security, as well as the substantial spike in applications. This meant many applications were held up by a backlog, however that has been largely resolved now. Leaving other students free to apply in the knowledge that Australia is considered a safe, affordable, and favourable study destination.

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