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According to recent studies, there is an ever growing demand for skilled employees & managers in the Childcare & Hospitality industry.

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These industries have seen a surge in demand, in particular, childcare;

A new report into children in childcare across Australia for the 2012 September quarter shows that for the first time more than one million children — 1,030,970 — attended approved childcare during the quarter, an increase of 3.9 per cent since the September quarter in 2011.

The number of hours an average child spends in care each week has also gone up more than two hours since September 2009. In 2009, children spent 25.8 hours a week on average in childcare, but by September last year it had risen to 27.5 hours a week. (National Affairs).

Hospitality sees a strong demand for Chefs due to the Cook Profession being removed from the Australian Skilled Occupations List. Sally Neville, Chief Executive of the Catering Association of South Australia tell us;

“A report from the association shows us that 7% of the industry is actively seeking a senior cook or chef and 5% are seeking a restaurant manager. The Australian Bureau of Statistics expects that the demand for chefs will grow with 14 % during the next five years. At the same time fewer Australians are being trained for the profession and the statistics shows that the number of local people enrolled inn hospitality certificate level courses is down with 5%”.


There is a shortage of nearly 5000 managers in Childcare & Hospitality according to the Clarius Skills Indicator.

“Demand for managers is usually less sensitive to the fluctuations in the cycle of economic conditions as they tend to have high skill levels and extensive experience that employers are keen to retain,” says Kym Quick, CEO of the Clarius Group.


This trend is good news for those looking to enter into these industries or those already in the industry looking to up skill.

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