Are you scared of losing your job?

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the world economy and the prospects of jobs losses, downsizing, pay cuts, and reduction in working hours has brought a lot of uncertainty in our lives. With people self-quarantining, and businesses shut down, companies are facing enormous revenue losses, which means that all of us are facing the [...]

5 reasons why child care is a great career choice

If you love spending time with children and are passionate about their learning, then you may find a career in childcare an extremely rewarding experience. Here are 5 reasons why child care may be the right career choice for you.   Become an ‘in-demand’ professional Childcare educators continue to be highly sought after in Australia, [...]

Helpful AUSTRADE Resources for Education Sector

Thanks to Austrade, we have links to several useful resources designed to help training providers, international students, and everyone else working in the education industry. These links are invaluable for keeping track of the latest happenings.   To stay updated on COVID-19 The Australian Government’s app on COVID-19 is a really good resource and is [...]

Online Learning: 10 Tips For Studying From Home

If you are new to the idea of virtual classes and are experiencing some difficulties adjusting to it, you are not alone! We have put together some easy tips to help guide you through studying from home.   First things first. Prepare yourself for being productive.   Studying from home doesn’t mean you can’t have [...]

MCIE gives students impacted by COVID-19 free meals

MCIE staff and students lending a hand for the ‘Food Relief 4 International Students’ initiative During these uncertain times, many of our international students have found themselves out of work, and without a regular source of income, our staff, determined to come up with a way to respond to the COVID-19 situation positively are lending a [...]

Where can a career in early childhood education take you?

Early childhood care and education is one of the fastest growing industries in Victoria. Find out from our expert in the field what it takes to become a professional childcare educator as she takes us through the rewards and challenges of working with children.   Maryann James is the MCIE Head of Department for Early [...]

Coronavirus (COVID-19) precautions: 10 ways to reduce your risk of catching the virus

As coronavirus continues to spread across the world and more countries are reporting increase in cases of coronavirus, it’s important to be aware of some precautions you can take to help prevent the spread of virus. Presently, according to the Department of Health and Human Services, State Government of Victoria, since there is no evidence [...]

MCIE’s partnership with China based kindergarten group opens a world of opportunity for students

MCIE’s first sponsored graduate working in China is now on a trail-blazing path of self- discovery and learning as a kinder educator. When officials from MCIE and Brightness Good Kindergarten Group, Zhanjiang, China, met up with China’s Department of Education and Training to discuss ways to help embed Australian National Learning Framework (NLF) in China’s [...]

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