There’s a reason why Australia is known as ‘the lucky country’.

Yes, we do have gorgeous beaches, endless blue skies, stunning architecture and possibly the most prized of all, many, many public holidays, but there’s something even better.

Yes, something better than crystal clear waters, 23 degree winters and relishing the fact you don’t have to go to work on Monday…..A stellar education system.

Australia ranks highly on the global scale when it comes to education, with students from the world over eagerly anticipating the chance to study here. The Victorian Government has sat up and taken notice, releasing the International Education Strategy for Victoria 2013-2018, which focuses on ensuring the education sector remains competitive in the face of increasing domestic and international competition.

Didn’t think Australia could get any more enticing for students?

Well according to the Victorian Government, it certainly can, with the introduction of 19 initiatives in four different areas virtually guaranteed to increase the currently 30,000 strong Victorian international education sector.

These ideas include a new public transport ticketing scheme for international students and giving year nine pupils  the opportunity to increase their Asian language and cultural capabilities. Along with extending on-the-ground support for business development activities in western China, Indonesia and Latin America, and providing additional funding for doctoral scholarships to attraction the best and brightest international students.


These schemes are absolutely essential to establishing links between Victoria and other countries, with international students boasting about the multiple opportunities that have been given to them. This will open the doors for major export, trade and cultural opportunities and continuous sustainable growth in the international education sector. This logical and rewarding plan is a complete win-win strategy, with a single outcome- success. We didn’t think it was possible, but turns out it is – Australia is looking even better on the international front, and with this scheme, it’s no wonder why.   

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