If you love spending time with children and are passionate about their learning, then you may find a career in childcare an extremely rewarding experience. Here are 5 reasons why child care may be the right career choice for you.


Become an ‘in-demand’ professional

Childcare educators continue to be highly sought after in Australia, and with a booming industry, the demand for trained childcare educators will continue to grow. With childcare, you can become a part of a growing sector with excellent job prospects.

In fact, 90% of our students receive employment opportunities by the end of our course.


Changing the future

As a trained childcare educator, you can make a real difference to the lives of children. While working in childcare, and as part of a team that nurtures, guides, and cares for children’s well-being during the most important phase of their development, you will contribute to lay the foundations of their future lives. A truly rewarding career!


Discover fun and joy

While helping children learn and watching them develop into healthy, happy little people, you will experience love, laughter, fun, and joy as part of your daily routine. With so many smiling little faces around you, the job itself is a bonus!


Flexible working hours

You could of-course find a Child Care Educator role which is a 9-5pm, but there are many which offer flexible hours. You might work some mornings and then some afternoons, for example. If you are a parent, your job in early childhood could be tailored to work around your children’s arrangements. If you are a Family Dar Care Worker, you could be choosing your own hours and work as your own boss – which gives you the ultimate flexibility! Jobs in early childhood roles can be full-time, part-time or even casual if you prefer.


Future career opportunities

With childcare, there are options to grow in your career. It can also be a pathway to Uni to become an ECT (Early Childhood Teacher),as well. You can also plan to become a Childcare Centre Director, a Room Leader/Supervisor, Educational leader or ECEC Trainers and Assessors.


To learn more about jobs in child care and to plan your child care career, contact MCIE today! 

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