Sure, you can use your smartphone to keep in touch with friends, follow social media and check the time; but did you know there are some great apps out there for students that can help you enhance your studies and generally make your time as a student more efficient and rewarding?


With so many apps out there, we’ve tracked down 15 of the best apps for students.


  1. Evernote:

    This app appears again and again on top app lists, and there’s a reason. Evernote lets you collate information, store websites you find, add notes, photos, and any other bits and pieces you like all stored in folders you create. The best thing about this app is the ability to sync across all your devices including your phone and computer meaning you can keep track of your notes and thoughts wherever you are.

  2. Dropbox:

    Forget carrying your flash drive, Dropbox lets you carry files with you in the cloud. Just like Evernote, Dropbox syncs across all your devices meaning you can access important files when you need them. Anything you can store on a hard drive can be stored on Dropbox, so important .pdf’s, photos, word documents, you name it, and it’s there to be accessed.

  3. iTunesU:

    For iPhone and iPad users, iTunesU provides access to entire courses from universities and schools around the world. While your education provider may not offer courses in iTunesU, with such a varied range of course topics available you’re sure to be able to find something that will enhance your understanding and breadth of study.

  4. Flashcards:

    There are so many flashcard apps on the android and iTunes store that you won’t be short of options. Flash cards are a great option for testing yourself, and a great way to take notes. Most flashcards apps allow you to create your own, so it’s a good idea to create them as you begin to study a subject. That way, as you move further through your course, you’ll still have the earlier material easily on hand to enhance your learning.

  5. Melbourne Specific Apps:

    For students studying at MCIE there are a couple of apps that will come in handy as you find your way around the amazing city and surrounds. Tram Tracker by Yarra Trams will help make travelling via tram easier, and Public Transport Victoria will help with all transport needs you might have during your studies and beyond.

  6. Studious:

    This is a great app, especially for those who find it difficult to stay on top of their study schedule. Studious allows you to put in your study timetable, reminds you when tests and homework are due, silences your phone during class, and saves notes. Your complete study time organiser.

  7. Peak:

    This brain training app keeps your brain healthy and helps you to build memory, and cognitive skills in a really fun way. Improving your memory, reasoning and brain performance will not only help you in everyday life, but specifically as a student.

  8. Simplemind:

    Mind maps can be helpful to break down complex information into simple, easy to remember visuals, and Simplemind will help you do just that. Colour code different topics or segments of your mind map, add photos and other notes, and then email your mind map to yourself or your study partners to share.

  9. Notability:

    Notes, notes, notes; every student has a huge collection of them. What makes notability special is the ability to scribble your own diagrams and even write, just by using a stylus or your fingertips. As well as being able to type and insert .pdf’s and record audio to go with your notes, it’s got everything you need to collate and jot in class, at the library or at home.

  10. Wikipanion:

    While you shouldn’t rely on Wikipedia as being completely correct, it is a great tool for offering quick information or overviews that can help with understanding new ideas or providing generalised background information. Wikipanion helps to offer a mobile friendly version of Wikipedia that’s quick and easy to access on the move.

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