Do you want to feel like you have made a difference…

and be paid for it?!


There’s no better way to do that than with a career in the growing Aged Care, Disability or Community Services Industry.


You know that feeling? The warm and fuzzies? You often get them after doing something good, like returning someone’s lost phone, helping a less mobile person off the bus or holding the elevator door. It’s a great feeling, and besides generating a whole lot of good karma, you’re actually really helping someone else out. A career in aged care, disability or community services industry is perfect if you absolutely love assisting people and just pretty much making their day through your acts of kindness.

Unlike working in a hospital where you meet you patient and treat them before sending them on their way hopefully never to see them again, you’re in it for the long haul in this industry. While it might not be as fast paced as other similar careers, you are still continuously developing your skills and you’re creating some life-long bonds with people and patients. Not to mention the incredibly rewarding feeling knowing you’ve changed their lives for the better.

There’s a diverse range of community service careers and a diverse range of salaries, although pay can range anywhere from roughly $35,000 to $49,000, not including overtime, which can boost $16 to $22 per hour to $20 to $37.

Community services workers are in high demand, with Australia’s growing aging population, rise in mental and behavioural conditions and unemployment rates pushing up the value of these skilled professionals.


So if you’re dedicated to caring for people, improving someone’s quality of life and of course getting those warm and fuzzies, then a career in aged care, disability or community services is an exciting, interesting and incredibly rewarding choice.

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