Article by Joshua Kelly

There just aren’t as many young Australians as there used to be according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, which could be good news for you.

Australia possesses what is known as an ‘ageing population’, meaning that the median age of Australian men and women is increasing year by year. Between 1992 and 2012 the median Australian age jumped from 32.7 to 37.4, an increase of 4.7 years (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2013). Further statistics suggest that this trend is likely to continue, so I guess it’s time to start studying up on your crosswords and water-aerobics!

Jokes aside, the issues associated with an ageing population are quite serious, as it can slow economic growth and place additional strain on government systems like the healthcare sector (NATSEM, 1998).

However this isn’t all bad, as it means we could be entering a “resources boom for the aged care industry” (Australian Centre for Independent Journalism, 2013). Essentially this means that as the age of Australians increases, there will be more professional opportunities for those who wish to get involved in the aged care sector.

In order to encourage growth in this important field, the Australian Government’s Department of Social Services has launched and initiative to support those who undertake studies to further their careers.

The Aged Care Education and Training Incentive (ACETI) offers aged care workers between $500-$5000 per course in order to support them while they study eligible certificates, enrolled nurse and undergraduate courses. (Australian Government Department of Social Services, 2014). Not only does mean you’ll be able to get ahead in your career, but it’ll take some of the financial burden off your shoulders while you’re studying!

Eligible students who commence studies before June 30th 2014 have the opportunity to apply for payments, which can be spent however the recipient sees fit.

This is without a doubt the best time to be making a move to further your studies in an expanding and evolving field, and with the wide range of courses on offer the Melbourne City Institute of Education getting started has never been simpler. Offering a CHC30212 Certificate III in Aged Care, MCIE’s friendly and experienced staff will be able to help you on your path towards success.

Get in touch with them via to find out how you can take advantage of the ACETI and gain valuable qualifications at a nationally recognized institution!



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