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Remember those days? You know, the ones you spent finger painting, pulling other kids hair and generally just have a ball? Ok, so you might vaguely remember, but it looks like a whole lot of fun, right? Well if you’d rather spend your career making the days of little ones as enjoyable as yours were, then you should consider a job in child care. But it’s not all about learning how to colour in between the lines and hula hooping – as a carer of a child or children, you need to be able to organise and coordinate appropriate and stimulating programs and do so in conjunction with parents, guardians and other staff members.

These programs and activities must develop the child’s emotional, social, mental and physical welfare. You’ll also need to develop rules and punishments to guarantee correct behaviour and safety, ensure that the environment is safe and child-friendly, that government regulations and standards are followed and more.

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To be successful at child care

You need to have the ability to strategise, employ analytical, reasoning and mediating skills, have impeccable communication and absolutely adore working with children. While you may work in a clean and safe environment, it’s often hectic, noisy and intense. Dealing with parents, staff members and children can often be stressful and may require take-home work, yet despite this, it can be a rewarding career. Seeing the fruits of your labour as the young children grow, mature and learn is an amazing experience.

Average working hours for a full time employee is roughly 38 hours with a starting salary of approximately $41,600, an average income of $52,000 and a senior salary of around $62,400.

Child care careers have grown at a rate of 76% over the last five years and a steady increase in the next five years is predicted.


An incredibly important childcare reform will be supplied after the 2015 budget, with hopes that the review will focus on early learning and care. While affordable childcare is a major issue for parents, assisting in the early development of the future generation is absolutely essential.

So does all of this sound like you down to a tee? If you’d rather spend your days surrounded by gorgeous children, help expand the minds of this country’s future and see how good you at finger painting, then a career in child care is definitely for you!

Child Care Courses Melbourne


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