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Investing in the Nation’s future and investing in your own could be one in the same.

The world has become an extremely busy place, leaving many parents with no option but to place their children into child-care services while they work. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though, as leading economists such as Ángel Gurria stating that children who live in countries with above average early child-care attendance go on to score higher in educational tests (Daily Telegraph, 2014).

It’s possible that Australian mothers and fathers have already figured out the benefits, as child-care attendance rates in Australia are on the rise.  The number of children in approved child-care was just 250,000 in 1991, and has grown rapidly to over one million in 2014 (Daily Telegraph, 2014).

Early child-care is becoming more and more popular, with the quality of services provided improving over the years.

In an effort to ensure a high standard of care and education is being upheld, the Queensland Government recently introduced legislation regarding who is qualified to work in the child-care industry (Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority, 2014). This new legislation states that all centers must employ a set number of caregivers who possess a Certificate III in Children’s services.

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While this move does excellent work to provide Australian children with quality care and education, it isn’t without its issues. Many pre-existing child-care centres are struggling with the change, as finding suitably qualified staff is proving difficult (The Australian, 2014). If Australian parents continue to enroll their children at the current rate and growth continues in the sector, a major shortage of caregivers could arise.

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