Deciding on an industry to work in, is one of life’s biggest challenges. If childcare is the industry you’ve chosen, you’ve chosen a very rewarding career. There are also a lot of Child Care courses in Melbourne, so which is the right one for you? To aid in sifting through the rhetoric, we’ve compiled a few tips to support you in finding the right course!


There are a few potential roles you can take on in the childcare industry:

  • Children’s Services Educator
  • Playgroup Supervisor
  • Nanny
  • Outside School Hours Care Educator
  • Kindergarten Assistant
  • Family Day Care Worker


Child Care Practical Placement

Practical training is a key factor when considering a Child Care course facilitator. Since practical experience is just as important as your qualification, look for a Child Care course that focuses on practical placement. If you’re already working in the industry, then search for a course that allows you to train from your place of employment. At the very least, your work hours should be considered as placement hours.


Tailored Training

We all learn differently, so choose a course that works with your learning style. Find a facilitator that will keep delivery flexible, but still ensure you get the training you need to succeed. Search for reviews on Google or their Facebook page to see what other experiences have been like. Generally, reviews are quite accurate and give a good representation of overall satisfaction of other students.


Relevant Training

Training needs to be relevant and up-to-date. Choose an organisation that has developed course material in consultation with industry experts. But also one that constantly revises and updates their course material in line with the latest teaching techniques and technology. An institution that employs experienced teachers is also an important factor.



The Australian Childcare industry is steadily growing, with no signs of slowing down. Choosing to work in the industry is one of the safest and most rewarding career options to choose from today. And, with the right training, you’ll feel fully equipped to take on your new career with confidence and enthusiasm.

Melbourne City Institute of Education (MCIE) is a vibrant and innovative registered training organisation, which offers a range of courses in Melbourne to help students to fulfil their career goals.

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