If you are passionate about supporting students to learn and achieve to their best ability by making a positive difference to the young people’s lives, then Education Support is a career you should consider!

Education Support staff are an essential part of an education team. They work closely alongside teachers to educate and develop student learning in a safe, fun and engaging environment that’s inclusive for all students.

Supervision of students is an integral part of this position both individually or in small groups, in controlled circumstances, where the responsibility for students remains clearly with the Teacher.


As an Education Support worker, you’ll get to contribute to the effectiveness of the learning program by assisting teachers with the day-to-day operation of the classroom.

You’ll be part of a team responsible for creating a learning program for the classroom that is not only effective but also supports inclusive education.


Support individual students or a small group of students, when assisting with the implementation of the educational program.

Through collaboration with other educators, you will ensure the individual learning needs for students are met.  You will support students in a one on one or in a small group setting. You’ll support students with additional needs so they are able to learn in a normal classroom environment


Assist students to overcome educational barriers and strengthen their ability to achieve their potential.

You’ll assist students to overcome challenges in the classroom that they never thought they could achieve.  You’ll get great satisfaction witnessing the students have a “light bulb moment” and overcome barriers.


Support the educational services being provided to students.

Education Support Staff work across the curriculum from all learning levels, subjects and age levels of students.  As an Education Support worker, you will be a part of the dynamic world of teaching. No two days will be the same.

Only 30 Government funded spots available

Melbourne City Institute of Education (MCIE) is a vibrant and innovative registered training organisation, which offers a range of courses in Melbourne to help students to fulfil their career goals.

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