Social Media is a great exposure for a business. Not only does it allow you to be seen by hundreds and more, but you can also take advantage of these platform through network connection building.

However, a social media marketer must be organized, prepared and is effective in communicating with the audience, his or her team and with business decision makers.

This is why Social Media Marketing is based on how well you communicate. As a business owner or marketer, you should prepare strong communications strategies or ready-to-share information that is present right from the start — to build up your brand following over-time.

People who are present in your event, which can be a mix of attendees, influencers, and even the press, will look for points that will allow them to share information about the event in a snap. Coherently, technology plays a huge part in a successful social media coverage. We live in a world wherein people look for “Instagrammable” backdrops or social media moments worth showcasing to the public eye.

It’s a must to understand how communications factor in social media marketing and strategy in order to fully equip yourself when conducting marketing in social media events.


Respond to social media

Hosting events will make the people buzzing; this means people will talk about your event in real time. As a marketer, you are entrusted with monitoring posts on various social media platforms. Whether it’s positive or negative, marketers should be vigilant in responding to these posts — addressing concerns, correcting errors and misunderstandings, and updating information.


Adapt the “TV Camera” approach

It’s always safe to assume every word you say and every move you take will be broadcasted on TV sooner or later. This approach is not all about bragging rights or whatnot, it’s about how you will handle yourself when handling an event. As a business owner, you don’t want anything negative about the business to be shown on TV, right? In simple terms, adapting the “TV Camera” approach remind you to think before you speak or act.


“E” is for Event and Experience

Experience has been around the airwaves for businesses. For businesses, providing a wonderful customer experience is essential for convincing prospective customers to buy from you. The same goes for your event. Marketers should be able to bring brand experience to the next level — or to be able to transform your event into an experience that will become memorable for your attendees in all the right ways. It’s important to become attentive in order to make an atmosphere wherein attendees feel respected, heard, and cared for.


Take advantage of influencer marketing

Influencers are powerful people — they are able to affect purchasing decisions of their followers. These people have a niche following they engage with on almost a daily basis. As a business hosting an event, taking advantage of the power influencer marketing has created a bridge between connecting with people and having a brand ambassador at the same time. However, make sure to prepare an invitation and settle costs before the date in order to get their RSVP.


Look at risks

Think of every aspect of your upcoming event: this includes attendees, participants, employees, press, competitors, and more. Then, think of every scenario that could negatively impact the event — even worst-case scenarios — and create contingency plans. Doing so will help reduce risks and make you plan better and ahead of the event day.


Envision the impact of the event

Before proceeding with planning for your next event, it would be better to take the time to look back at your previous event and evaluate your impact to your attendees. Visualise the niche you are in touch with and communicate with them regarding the event — ask about how they see your brand after attending the event and tell them what you want them to think, too.


Train a media response team

Establishing a media response team is essential for you. Why? This will help create a common point where the press can get information, and, at the same time, there is a team designated in speaking with reporters and contacts as you run the event. Make sure to train your team for them to have the ability to handle questions better.

All thanks to new features social media was able to align itself to business purposes, making them market themselves better and reach more customers than before, especially now that more and more people are getting their hands to smartphones and better internet connection. That’s why social media is a powerful marketing strategy and marketers should be able to understand digital marketing trends. If you’re interested in learning how to leverage social media for marketing, you can take social media marketing courses from MCIE and learn from experienced experts.

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