Article by Joshua Kelly

If you’re tired of wondering how to nab yourself a bigger slice of the pie, the best solution might be to put on an apron and bake one yourself (according to Australian economists).

From fresh produce to gourmet meats Australia is considered a paradise for food-lovers, a fact that can be attested to by our multi-billion dollar agricultural export industry (Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, 2012).

However in a wonderful development it appears that Australia is growing into a nation of aspiring chefs, with the number of people stating that they “love to cook” increasing as the years go by (Ausveg, 2011). Couple that data with the fact that the current season of Channel 7’s ‘My Kitchen Rules’ has a viewership in the millions and it’s plain to see that the modern day Australian has moved past fish and chips and onto bigger and better things (The Australian, 2014).

Perhaps the greatest aspect of this gustatory revolution is the positive affect it is having on our economy, specifically the restaurant and café sector. According to recent data published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, cafés and restaurants reported growth of 2.7% in the month of January 2014 (ABC News, 2014). In addition, specialty food retailers reported growth of 3.1% in the same month.

This marks a fantastic time to be a food enthusiast in Australia, and presents those considering a career change with an interesting opportunity. If national interest in food continues and sector growth remains stable the possibilities for those in the field are exceptional. For anyone looking to make the most of the current cultural climate and economic opportunities, the Melbourne City Institute of Education has a full range of hospitality courses that includes a SIT50312 Diploma of Hospitality.

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